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Beauty | How I Keep My Hair, Skin & Nails Healthy

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We were at that point in the year where jetsetting somewhere warm was the only option – so I’m coming to you from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico this week!  After what seems like half of a year of winter and brutal temperatures, my body was screaming for some fresh air and a little sun!  The cold always does a number on my hair, skin and nails, and even though I … read more

Beauty | How to Pamper Yourself at Home

We’re heading off to Cabo, Mexico later this week for a much needed break from this weather — I’m seriously counting the minutes until I can be in temperatures over 20 degrees.  You know how when you go to take any sort of time off — the week before is just miserable?  I’ve spent this weekend cramming everything I would have normally done the following week into just a few days — running around town like a crazy person, trying to get ahead … read more

Beauty | Everyday Makeup Routine

I’ve been so inspired by all of your questions and comments from my new #GLAMWeekly series that launched earlier this year!  A few of you have been asking for my current makeup routine, reviews on current beauty products I use and love, and a list of products so you could shop, so I decided to make one very long post filled with all of that!

My makeup needs change with each season, but this is definitely a pretty accurate … read more