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We (FINALLY) Bought a House!

Oh So Glam New House

You guys!!! I have been BURSTING at the seams hiding this news from you… but, we (FINALLY) bought a house!  I use the word FINALLY because it’s been a very long process for us, and if you’ve been following along with me on Instagram for the last couple of years, you’ve definitely heard that!  We’ve been in our current rental home since late 2012 — a home that was supposed to be “for a few years” until we found one of our own!  We all know how THAT goes.  Two full-time business launches, an engagement, a wedding, and a traveling all the time later… we’ve been at our rental home (that really now feels like OUR home) for over six and a half years.

The Backstory

Flashback to late 2016, we had just come off our wedding the year before in 2015 and had taken our belated honeymoon to Italy during the summer months of 2016.  We decided we were going to put our “feelers” out there to start looking at homes here in Connecticut, but we were honestly in no rush to make a move unless it was the right one.  We searched and searched, spending weekends looking at open houses, hours browsing realtor.com from the couch, saw a few things that caught our eye… but we were never sold.

You see, here was the tricky part.  OUR NEEDS were a pain in the you know what.  We needed a house that could work for our current lifestyle — two designated (and separate) office spaces that we could run our businesses out of without getting in each other’s way, an open floor plan with high ceilings and lots of natural light (because we’re both home all day long), space for a potential family down the road, a functional kitchen for entertaining (and actually cooking in), and ideally, some sort of outdoor living space (something we were lacking in our rental).  On top of that, we wanted to be around the area we currently live in Connecticut, didn’t want to be far off from the highways, and wanted to find something that really didn’t need a TON of work.  We were fine with the “cosmetic face lift” as I like to call it — paint colors, adding hardwood floors if it was needed, maybe re-doing a bathroom here or there, but we weren’t really feeling a gut job renovation, especially when we both work for ourselves.  We wanted something we could walk into (for the most part), BUT… truly make our own.  Yes, we were that annoying couple you see on House Hunters that want it all, but also want a good deal.  The people you yell at through your TV.  😉

After about a year of casually looking (making no offers), we decided that 2018 was our year.  We actually said to each other on New Year’s Eve that 2018 was the year we were finding our forever home, said some prayers, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

2018 had other plans for us.

We ended up in a very competitive spring market and lost a couple houses that (at the time) felt like major blows.  I had mentally moved into one that ended up having 7 offers on in the same day — we fought for it right up until we lost it, with someone outbidding us after almost a week of negotiating.  We bid on a few more… some felt like long shots, some houses we were honestly trying to make work for us that just wouldn’t work, and even put in an offer on some land in the area we wanted, only to back out after we felt that building wasn’t the best route for us at the time.  Just as we braced for another holiday season as a no-go, we saw two houses go up on the market on a road we had our eye on.  One was amazing on paper and checked almost all of the boxes, so we went immediately to take a look, thinking, it’s either now, or we’re gambling until the spring market rolls around again (and we were honestly dreading having to get all competitive again).  The other one, just up the road, seemed okay…  I took a look at the listing, was very “ehh” about it, and decided not to waste our time.  When we went to the first house, it was really nice, a few things were missing, but things I was honestly willing to overlook.  I was mentally drained, under the assumption that something was going to HAVE to give — we weren’t getting everything on our wishlist and I was willing to accept that.  We went back for a second showing a few days later and were told there was already an offer on it.  I thought, “here we go again” — so I went into the second showing as objectively as I could.  Something JUST wasn’t there… BUT, it had mostly everything we were asking for.  I swear I was starting to confuse “settling” with being completely unrealistic.  It’s like dating… good on paper, so you SHOULD like him/her, right?  But, then something isn’t there and you just can’t put your finger on it.  We thought it was something we should put an offer on anyways, but we juuuust wanted to check out that other home up the road for good measure.  I mean, if we’re going to make an offer on a house on a road with TWO houses for sale, you’re kind of not doing your homework if you don’t check out the second one.  As it turns out, our realtor knew that and made us an appointment to check it out that same day.

We went in cautiously, but within a few minutes, that other home down the road might as well of been non-existent.  IT CLICKED.  It was love at first sight, even with all the “flaws.”  It was just… the one.  After deciding that THIS was the house we wanted to offer on, we received an accepted offer right before Thanksgiving!  After what seemed like the lonnnngggggest closing ever, they KEYS are finally ours!  I’m so excited to be able to take you along on this journey!  We’re going to be cosmetically renovating the house — it’s a 1980something house in original condition, so everything is in need of a little sprucing up, but it has such GREAT bones to work with including a gorgeous kitchen/family room layout, hardwood floors mostly throughout, great sized bedrooms, office space for both of us, and a beyond stunning outdoor patio with a grape pergola and valley views.  In terms of what needs work, we’re going to be shaving off the popcorn ceiling (why, GOD, WHY?!?!), redoing the floors downstairs, doing some much needed painting, and a full kitchen renovation for the time being.  Bathrooms, fixtures, and other miscellaneous things will come later!  We have just 6 weeks until we have to be out of our rental, so we’re going to see what we can get done beforehand and then will be moving in by March 1st.

Wish us luck, send me ALL THE HOME INSPO you can think of, and watch the BEFORE video below for a little tour!

New House: BEFORE Home Tour


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    January 14, 2019 at 11:12 am

    Congratulations, I’m glad you finally found the right one after so much time searching!! It looks beautiful.


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    Vanessa Rose
    January 23, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    Congratulations, Christina and Raja. It was worth the wait! I wish you many years of good health, prosperity, and love in your new home. I’m sure you will create beautiful memories there.
    PS: Yes, keep the sconces😉😉

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