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The Best Non Skinny Jean Roundup

similar Peplum Top | AGOLDE Jeans | Heels (less expensive version HERE)

How sick of the skinny jean debacle are we over here?!  I’m tired of seeing all the responses and Tide Pod comments to be honest.  If you have no clue what I’m referring to — a TikTok made by a Gen Z-er went viral about a month ago and deemed that Skinny Jeans and Side Parts were a good way to indicate that you’re a millennial and let me tell you — MILLENNIALS LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS hearing we weren’t “in style” from a younger generation.  I really never shared my thoughts on this because I’m a big believer of wearing whatever the heck you want, to be honest.  BUT, as my friend StyleCusp recently said, this is style blog, and I typically like to wear what’s current and in style.  By no means are skinny jeans OUT in my opinion — they’ve sort of become a staple in many ways and I don’t know if they will ever truly be GONE from our lives.  However, plenty of other denim styles have arrived to the forefront of retailers over the last few years that are more “trendy” and honestly, more flattering on my particular body type, so I’ve been on the bandwagon for a long time.  If skinny jeans make you feel amazing and confident, I say rock them.  But, it’s also COMPLETELY FINE to try something else out… because, guess what?!  YOU MIGHT LIKE IT.  That’s my motto in all things in life… NEVER SAY NEVER.  Below are a few of my tried and true non-skinny jeans favorites that you see styled here all the time + a roundup of some for less than $100!




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