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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Dates + Shopping Tips

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Dates

Well, at least there is ONE normal thing we can count on in 2020 — and that’s that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is ON and coming up in just a couple short weeks!  The annual sale was pushed out about a month this year due to COVID and store shut downs, but other than that, a lot of the details are the same from last year’s sale.  However, there is ONE new thing that has me really excited.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be able to see all of the fall and winter merchandise that is included in this year’s sale!  We usually have only seen a very small selection of the sale items in the catalogue in year’s past, but we get full access to it this year before the sale even starts!  That gives us all plenty of time to figure out what we want to shop for!

If you’re new to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, here’s the scoop.  Each summer, Nordstrom runs their biggest promotion of the year — and they mark down thousands of items for the UPCOMING season.  Instead of sales that run at the end of each season with leftovers, this sale is BRAND NEW merchandise that hasn’t even hit the store yet, all at crazy markdowns.  It’s the perfect time to stock up on fall and winter denim and boots, maybe finally snag that coat you’ve been wanting forever, or grab a few sweaters and cozy knits that will hold you over for the next few months!

Access to the sale is tiered and depends on your card or spend status with Nordstrom.  If you don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, or aren’t part of The Nordy Club, don’t worry — public access for the sale opens to EVERYONE on August 18th.  For card holders, you can find out what level you’re at by clicking HERE.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Dates

Frequently Asked Questions


It’s a 3 week sale that focuses on FALL merchandise!  Unlike most end-of-the-season sales that focus on previously full-price items that are then marked down, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is BRAND NEW merchandise that has yet to hit the shelves on major markdowns!  It’s the perfect time to get some new pieces ahead of the season!


Depending on your Nordy club status, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Early Access dates are Tuesday, August 4, 2020 through Tuesdsay, August 18, 2020. Only Nordy Club cardmembers get to shop the exclusive early access period! The higher your status, the sooner you get to shop. Icon status gets to shop first on August 4 followed by Ambassadors, Influencers, and Insiders statuses.

Friday: July 24, 2020
Sale preview begins!  Everyone can see what’s going to be on sale!

Tuesday: August 4, 2020
Early Access for Icon status Nordy Club members

Friday: August 7, 2020
Early Access for Ambassador status Nordy Club members

Monday: August 10, 2020
Early Access for Influencer status Nordy Club members

Thursday: August 13, 2020
Early Access for Insider status Nordy Club members

Wednesday: August 19, 2020
Public access to the sale

Monday: August 31, 2020
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends and all items go back up to full price!


You can check your Nordy Club Status (which will let you know when you can shop the sale early) by clicking this link.  Make sure to click on My Account, and your status will be shown.


Remember, this is all upcoming FALL merchandise.  It’s a great time to THINK AHEAD and try to buy what you think you’ll need for the new season.  I love shopping for STAPLES that you can mix and match all season long.  Items always on my list?  Suede jackets, designer jeans and boots, layering pieces like thermals and basic tanks, and workout sneakers!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blogger Finds


This sale can be VERY overwhelming without a game plan, I’m not going to lie. It’s definitely one of those sales where you can go overboard buying shit you DO NOT NEED, and somehow leave out pieces that you can get a ton of use out of.  I preach this every year — DO NOT BUY PIECES YOU WILL NOT GET USE OUT OF JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE ON SALE.  Here are a few of my best tips:

  1. It’s best to approach this knowing what you need in advance.  First of all, because ITEMS GO FAST and if you’re not prepared, you will miss out on them.  Some items sell out and are not restocked, or prices will go up for the remainder of the season and you missed your chance at a major discount.  Seriously (and I’m not even kidding) — go through your closet and actually WRITE DOWN what you’re always wanting to reach for that you simply don’t have.  Maybe you keep wishing you had a darker version of your favorite pair of skinny jeans, maybe you need an in-between jacket, maybe it’s a neutral duster cardigan, maybe you have always wanted a pair of designer boots.  Make a wishlist first without looking at the sale and then get ready to ATTACK.
  2. Once you are shopping, don’t hesitant on an item.  I’ve had items literally sell out in my cart… the order will even go through (after it was sitting in my cart for hours), and then I’ll receive the worst email ever — “your item cannot be fulfilled.”  That doesn’t mean have a free-for-all and buy everything you see out of FOMO, but if you have your heart set on an item or two — order those first, and then go back and browse the rest of the sale and see if there’s any add-ons that you can place in a separate order.  Since it doesn’t matter how much you spend to get a discount, it’s okay to have separate orders!
  3. Also on that note, order multiple sizes if you think you’re in between.  It ensures the item will be in stock when ordering the size you actually need, plus, it ensures you’ll actually get the item at a discount without having to fight for it.  Shipping can be a little slower than normal because of all the action, so if you have to send an item back and wait for it to be processed before ordering again, you’re running the risk that the item will be gone.  Either order multiple sizes (and return what doesn’t fit with FREE RETURNS), or do a hell of a lot of research in advance and pay attention to the size guides!
  4. Popular items tend to sell out during EARLY ACCESS — if you have you heart set on something and don’t have a Nordstrom card or belong to The Nordy Club, try to find a friend who does!  I’ve happily ordered for friends and family before during past sales and will have them Venmo me!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips


I’m going to be keeping my eye on the sale over the next few weeks and will be sharing what I bought from the sale along with the best buys I think you can score.  You’ll want to stay glued to Oh So Glam for updates — so make sure to follow along with me on Instagram (if you’re not already).  I’m going to be doing some try-on videos and sharing info on sizing, and sharing some ideas to style some of these new pieces!  I also have a Nordstrom gift card giveaway launching on Instagram SOON!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Dates

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