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Best Fall/Holiday Nail Colors

A huge thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post.

When it comes to seasonal beauty, one of the first things I switch up when the temperature changes is my nail color.  I’ve had a few colors on rotation for years and I’m teaming up with Walmart today to share a few of my favorites, as well as some of my best tips for at-home manis!  What I love about these 3 colors is the natural progression of tones that takes you through the fall and winter seasons, and perfectly reflects each mood.   A beautiful creamy greige compliments chunky sweaters, pumpkin spiced flavors, and the changing of the leaves.  A bold and bright wine that’s not too red and is my go-to for Thanksgiving and Christmas and compliments opening gifts and holding champagne flutes.  And, finally — an almost-black with a gorgeous hint of purple takes me through a long, dragging winter with chunky lug-sole boots and plenty of dark layers.

You can find all of these gorgeous colors in Walmart’s Beauty section, making them easy to shop for with many items shipping right away!

Essie Wool Me Over

Essie — Wool Me Over

The most beautiful blend of grey and beige and the perfect darker nude for cooler weather (and paler skin).  This color is from the Essie Gel Couture line and has a thick and glossy finish.  This is usually my go-to for September and October months after I tire of pinky nudes and whites.  It still gives me the neutral nails I crave most of the year but feels more seasonally appropriate!

Essie Spiked With Style

Essie – Spiked With Style

Not too red and not too magenta, it’s the perfect wine color that feels holiday-ish minus the cheesy predictability of a bright candy-apple red.  It has a warmer undertone like a Pinot Noir that feels elegant, feminine and timeless.  I usually love to wear this color in November and December for the holidays — it beautifully works for both!

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark

It doesn’t get more OG than this.  My go-to for dark nails (and the only one I like) — I’ve been wearing this shade since 2007 and go through bottles of this season after season.  Although it looks jet-black, it actually has a purple undertone which prevents it from feeling overly edgy and makes it feel more chic.

At-Home Manicure Tips

  • I’ve been cutting my nails less and have been filing them into shape instead.  Right now, I’m loving a slightly rounded/oval shape.  It lets me keep my natural nails a little longer — square nails usually break near the sides.  It also helps elongate my fingers.  I start by filing them to the desired length and shape and using this buff set to smooth them out.
  • The secret to an at-home mani (and a more professional looking result) is to include the cuticle pushback/cleanup that they always do in the salon.  To make your life easier, you need the right set of tools.  After applying cuticle oil to my nail beds, I use this stainless steal cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles and remove any leftover polish from a previous manicure.  Next, I use this cuticle nipper to gently trim back excess cuticles.  I then always make sure to wipe down with acetone (to prevent bacteria buildup) and wipe my nails clean.
  • No matter what polish I use, my must-do tip when it comes to painting my own nails is to do THREE coats.  Although most directions say two is fine, I find the third coat to be the pop that makes the manicure look salon-worthy.  Also, make sure ALL coats seal the top of the nail, it prevents chipping!
  • I follow up with this Essie Gel Couture Top Coat — it’s my absolute favorite and I use it no matter what brand I’m using for color and can last up to a week!
  • Lastyly, LET THEM DRY!  It’s is hands down the worst part of doing my own nails, and for some reason, I always remember 745 things I need to do while my nails are drying, but you just put in all this effort, LET THEM DRY!  My mom bought me this little portable nail fan for my Christmas stocking YEARS ago and it’s one of my favorite little tools for under $8!
  • And, when it comes to removing nail polish, I use this!  A reader just recently gave me a tip for removing nail polish at home: add a little cuticle oil to your nails before you remove your polish and it helps keep the color from staining your skin!  Genius!

What are your go-to colors for fall/holiday?  Do we have any of the same favorites?!

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