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Charlotte Tilbury Holiday Makeup with Nordstrom

A huge thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.

Holiday Makeup Nordstrom

similar Black Lace Top (also love this one), Black Denim, similar Heels (another option here)

I’m so thrilled to be back this year to partner with Nordstrom for another holiday beauty look.  You all know my obsession for Charlotte Tilbury products — her makeup gives you this airbrushed, soft, sultry look that looks lived-in and natural, with just a pop of GLAM.  Could not be more my vibe.  So, when Nordstrom asked me to create a new holiday makeup look featuring some new Charlotte Tilbury products that recently launched, I was all for it.  Nordstrom is always on the top of my list when shopping for my favorite beauty products — especially in 2020.  They offer curbside pickup, so I was able to order some of these products and pick them up at my local Nordstrom the very next day.  Perfect for when you want an item FAST and don’t want to wait for delayed shipping!

I’ve also been perusing their holiday gift collection and there are SO many great deals, sales, and gifts with purchase — seriously, if you have a beauty lover in your life, look no further than the Nordstrom Beauty holiday gift guide!  You’ll leave with whatever you need + maybe a treat for yourself!

Now, back to this holiday look.

I had been wanting to create a berry smokey-eye look for a while, this sort of “red” makeup look has been trending in the beauty world and I’ve been super intrigued because it supposedly looks amazing on every eye color.  I was able to achieve the look & paired it with two lip options: a pop of color (perfect for the holidays) and a nude lip, a little more subtle.

Charlotte Tilbury Nordstrom


  1. I start off with this face blurring primer and a swipe under my eyes using this eye balm to help with puffiness and under eye bags.  I then take a dime sized amount of this tinted moisturizer to help even out my complexion and add a little of this under eye concealer (the peach color) with my fingers to help cancel out any darkness.  We’re going light on the face makeup to really make the eyes pop.
  2. Using the new Charlotte Tilbury ‘Walk of No Shame’ Eyeshadow Palette, I apply shade PRIME (top left) to my entire eyelid. Then, using a smaller eyeshadow brush, I add the same PRIME color to the inner corners of my eye to brighten.  I then take shade ENHANCE (top right) and blend over my crease, focusing on the outer corners and gently blending inwards.  *GLAM Beauty Trick: I always like to bring down the eye look to the bottom lashes to help with balance, so I always make sure to drag the base colors of eyeshadow along the bottom lash line as well with a small brush.  Next, using shade SMOKE (bottom right), I then use a smaller brush to create a sideways V on the outer corners of my crease to help give that subtle smokey look we’re going for.  My favorite part of all Charlotte Tilbury quad eyeshadow palettes is POP, a gorgeous shimmer that you apply right to the center of your lid.  I finish off the eyeshadow look by applying POP with my ring finger and gently pressing into the center of my eyelid.  It adds the prettiest finish that makes your eyes… well, pop!
  3.  To line my eyes, I then use this limited edition Charlotte Tilbury Eye Color Magic Liner Duo.  I’m using shade Mesmerising Maroon to help my hazel eyes look more GREEN.  This liner really is magic because although it looks intimidating to use a bright color to line your eyes, it’s SO subtle and somehow blends.  Although I’m drawing a purple line onto my eyes, when you sit back away from the mirror, you can’t even tell what color it is, and my eyes all of a sudden look green.  I line the top part of my eyes as close to the lash line as possible and then along the lower lash line (not in the waterline).
  4. For bronzer and blush, I then use Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Bronzing Powder (shade 2 Medium) all over my face for subtle color and an airbrushed look.  This bronzer is another magic product that contains hyaluronic acid (it helps to plump the skin) so your face looks hydrated and almost like you have an Instagram filter on, it’s WILD!  I then add Charlotte Tilbury ‘Walk of No Shame’ Blush to the apples of my cheeks.  I apply both of those products using this Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer and Blush Brush!
  5. I then use Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara and apply two coats to my lashes.
  6. Now comes the two lip options.  First option?  A nude lip with my forever go-to Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip duo: this Lip Cheat Liner and Pillow Talk Matte Lipstick.  This nude look is slightly pinky (there are also darker nude shades available depending on your skin color) and is perfect for a more subtle look.  Since it’s the holidays, I also love a second option.  This Charlotte Tilbury Walk of No Shame lip duo: this mini Lip Cheat Liner and full-sized Matte Lipstick.
  7. To finish it all off, I use Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, which helps set makeup for up to 16 hours!


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk
Charlotte Tilbury Walk of No Shame

Which look do you like more?!

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