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I am so excited to launch a brand new series this week that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time!  I try to use the blog to share an in-depth look at whatever I want to feature — style, beauty, lifestyle, and travel and have typically shied away from “quick” content and tried to save those tidbits for other social media platforms!  I’m launching #GLAMWeekly, a new series that will take place each Friday and will be a roundup of Q&A’s + any other quick info I want to share with you!  Think: sale roundups, quick beauty reviews, book & podcast recommendations, blogger advice, etc.  While some content doesn’t require a dedicated post, I still want to make sure I’m answering all your questions and have a place where we can all chat about anything and everything GLAM!  I hope you’re as excited about it as I am and I’m so excited to kickoff #GLAMWeekly Version 1 with you today!  Below is a roundup of some recent reader questions!

I recently saw you attend a winter wedding and loved your dress!  I have one in February and have no clue what to wear.  The invitation says formal.  HELP!

I definitely have been to my fair share of weddings over the last 6 years — with all different dress codes at all times of the year!  Winter can definitely be tricky, but I try to look for something dressy in a dark color with thicker fabric!  I rounded up a few of my favorites below that would be perfect for February!  Some of these dresses also come in lighter shades that would be perfect for an early spring wedding, too!

I want to invest in a designer bag for my 30th birthday and love your Prada bag, but can’t decide what color to get!  How do you go about investing in your bag collection and what are your favorite reputable places to purchase from?

I started investing in designer bags about 5 years ago and never make any sort of impulse purchase — every bag purchase is very strategic.  When I pull the trigger, it’s usually because I’ve wanted the bag for months (or years in some cases).  Most of my bag collection is neutral — as fun as it is to have a few bright color bags, knowing how I dress and what I typically like to reach for, I just wouldn’t get use of them!  I would definitely suggest something neutral (either dark taupe so you can wear it throughout all seasons or black would be my pick) and make sure the size is practical (something medium sized is likely to get more use than something too small or too large).  With the exception of bags I purchased in Europe, most of my bag collection is pre-owned… you can score such a great deal on luxury accessories this way if you do your research!  I love sites like Portero, Vestiaire Collective (two I’ve purchased from) and have heard great things about The Real Real and FashionPhile.

I’ve been getting this question a lot over the last few months so I’m thinking of dedicating a post to answering bag questions — or maybe even a #GLAMWeekly edition!

I love following your Snapchat and am always take screen grabs of your recipes, they look delicious!  Any healthy recipes to share for January?  Can you share recipes on your blog?

I loooove to cook and while I’m not participating in Whole30 (or any other diet), I still try to make sure I’m eating healthy!  I follow a lot of healthy food blogs and am always bookmarking recipes I want to try!  I’ll make sure to flag a few recipes and add those ingredients to my shopping list for the week — actually purchasing what I would need to make the recipe holds me accountable to actually cook!  A few of my favorite food blogs are Oh She Glows, SkinnyTaste, Spinach 4 Breakfast, Inspiralized and A Couple Cooks!

I need to step up my coat game this winter!  Any suggestions on something warm and stylish?  I’m in NYC and walk a lot!

The puffer coat right now is having a moment and I think everyone that lives in cold weather is pumped about it!  There are so many at different price points right now (and a lot of them are on end of season sales which is the best time to grab them).  I would definitely recommend getting one that covers your butt (it’ll keep you so much warmer) and one with a satin or shiny finish will definitely look a little more polished (as opposed to sporty).  Here are a few of my favorites — I actually own the first two!

What is your workout routine?

My town opened a Pure Barre studio less than 5 minutes from my house, so I joined back in May and have been going ever since!  While I love it (it’s one of the best workouts I’ve ever done), I have noticed it’s making me a little too muscular for my taste in some areas including my thighs, so I’ve been trying to incorporate yoga and cardio (we have an elliptical in our basement) back into my workout!  I try to work out at least 3 times per week!

I love the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots but can’t get myself to pull the trigger.  Do you think they will still be in style next winter?  Do you have any other suggestions for over-the-knee styles that don’t bunch around the legs?

I was in the same boat, but haven’t regretted my decision once!  I do think they will be around another few years, but totally understand that the price point is just insane.  There are a few I love below that I think can do the job at a much lower price point!

I saw your Snap about GOOP products and have been wondering how the line is.  Do you like any?

I haven’t tried them yet — but I did just do a winter skincare post yesterday featuring some of my favorite products that I have been loving!  I will try the products over the next few weeks and report back!  I have LOVED reading through the Goop Clean Beauty book though, and highly recommend it!

Make sure to leave your questions below for next week, or send me an email, Instagram message or Snap!


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