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How to Choose Your Perfect Lip Color

A huge thanks to Physicians Formula for sponsoring today’s post.

Physician's Formula The Healthy Lip


You gals know my makeup routine isn’t complete without a swipe of color on my lips.  My lips have always been super fair, and I’ve been noticing the color disappearing from them naturally even more as I’ve crossed into my thirties.  Even without makeup on, you can usually find me 99.9% of the time with some sort of tinted balm, which helps bring a little life into my pout!  You also probably know my pure hatred for sticky lip gloss, so when Physicians Formula reached out to me and asked me to help launch their new The Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick, I jumped at the chance.  Liquid lipstick is always my jam, and I absolutely love a velvety, creamy texture (vs. a sticky gloss).  I’m so excited to be partnering with them today to launch this brand new line — I was lucky enough to try all 13 shades before they hit they shelves yesterday and thought I would put together a little guide on how to choose the perfect lip color!

I know it can be a tad overwhelming when you see a spectrum of colors to choose from — where do you even begin?!?!  You’re standing there in the beauty aisle, overcome with that daunting feeling, confused and scared, and looking a little bit like a lost puppy.   I get it, I’ve been there… so, I’m going to let you in on my secrets.  I would definitely consider myself somewhat of a lipstick pro after all these years — I now know what colors tend to suit me better (both in nude and bold shades), and know what shades to stay away from.  Makeup is all about finding the right tones to extenuate what you already have going on!

The number one rule is to know your skin’s undertone.  It’s like knowing your blood type (errrr, I actually don’t know mine so nevermind), and makes all the difference when it comes to basically any decision revolving around fashion and beauty choices.  Take a look at your skin right now.  Grab a piece of clothing that’s pure white and a piece of clothing that’s off-white.  Does white make your skin pop?  You likely have a warm underdone (olive/gold).  If you look very washed out in white, and better in off-white, you’re likely a person with cool undertones (red/blue).  You can also do the jewelry test — do you look better in gold or silver jewelry?  If you’re right smack in the middle of everything — maybe you look amazing in both off-white and white, maybe you can rock both silver and gold jewelry — you probably have a neutral undertone and you’ll look amazing in everything.  You can probably rock any shade of lipstick you want!  What an easy life you have!

I’m definitely more on the golden side — my skin has a yellow undertone and I look best in white, with gold jewelry. Depending on what color family you’re going for when choosing a lip color, here are some tips:


Best Nude Lip Color Golden Undertone
Physician's Formula The Healthy Lip Nude Lip

Left: Bare With Me | Right: Nut-Ritious

You can mostly find me in nude shades, which vary throughout the year as my skin is lighter (or darker).  I always look for nude shades that have a slightly peachy undertone to them which helps to warm up my overall complexion.  I love the shade on the left for everyday but love a lightly darker nude for nighttime, like the shade on the right.


Physician's Formula Pink Lip Color
Physician's Formula Pink Lip Color

Left: Tu-lip Treatment | Right: Magentle Formula

I have to be in full-on party mode to rock a pink lip, and when I do, I usually stick to pinks that are in the coral family.  The shade on the left is a bright (but subtle) shade, that would is perfect for year-round when you need a pop of color.  The bolder pink shade on the right is super feminine and fun — perfect for a birthday or holiday celebration!


Best Holiday Lipstick Color 2017
Dark Lip for Holiday

Left: Fight Free Red-icals | Right: Noir-ishing Plum
Dress | Earrings

A classic red lip absolutely will never go out of style.  I always love a red pout around the holidays (or for 4th of July) and again, I look for reds that have more of an orange undertone (vs. anything that has a blue or purple shade to it).  When I’m going all-in with a dark/statement lip, I tend to choose colors that have a cranberry undertone and always stay away from muddy, earthy bold colors.

Physician's Formula The Healthy Lip

From left to right: Noir-ishing Plum, Raisin’ Immunity, Vitamin Beet, Fight Free Red-icals, Red-storative Effects, Magentle Formula, Nut-ritious, Coral Minerals, Berry Healthy, Dose of Rose, Tu-Lip Treatment, All-Natural Nude, and Bare With Me

The Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick combines long-lasting wear with a cutting-edge, ultra- hydrating formula. Not only are all the colors absolutely gorgeous, but I’ve been secretly testing the line for weeks and it STAYS PUT, without drying out, like most liquid lipsticks.  There’s nothing worse than a lipstick that settles into your fine lines by night’s end.  The lightweight, cream mousse formula contains avocado oil that hydrates and moisturizes, while hyaluronic acid smooths and enhances lips overtime for a healthy beautiful pout!  I absolutely love how it glides on — it’s incredibly easy to apply and blend.  This line JUST LAUNCHED and you’re some of the first beauty insiders to hear about it!  And, I’m excited to share that you can get the entire line at CVS!

 So, tell me… what shade are you most excited to try?!  Let me know in a comment below!  I have some other exciting launches with Physicians Formula later this month, so stay tuned!

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    March 4, 2018 at 9:27 am

    This is my favorite lipstick of all time. I’m still googling swatching to add a couple more to my collection. I cam across this site, which is a great source of information for this product. However, I found that your lipstick swatches are mislabeled just at the very end. It should be: Noir-ishing Plum, Raisin’ Immunity, Nutricious, Fight Free Red-icals, Red-storative Effects, Vitamin Beet, Berry Healthy, Magentle Formula, Tu-Lip Treatment, Does of Rose, Coral Minerals, All Natural Nude, and Bare with Me. Thanks for creating this post. I love the site and your dress in these photos is gorgeous! It legit looks perfect with each shade!

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