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Must-Haves for Cats

Must-Haves For Cats

In case you missed the news, we added another fur baby to our family a few weeks ago and it’s been a complete whirlwind!  Introducing: Minka!  We had wanted to give Mischa (our 8 year old Himalayan cat) a friend for a while but the timing never felt right — we were always traveling (and she does so well staying with my parents when we do)!  When COVID hit, we felt like it might be the right time since we knew we would be home more often than not, and we noticed that Mischa was becoming even MORE needy than usual and we wanted her to have a friend!  It’s been an adjustment for sure, but both girls are getting along pretty well!  They love playing together, like sharing their toys and food, and enjoy having us completely wrapped around their little fingers!

Mischa is always such a hot topic in my DMs and I’m always getting asked questions about her tee pee, what she eats, what we use to brush her, how we keep the house clean with a floof, and now, how we’re making the adjustment to two cats!  I’m rounding up all the current products that we consider MUST-HAVES for cat owners, no matter the age!  I know a lot of you mentioned you’re first time cat mamas or recently introduced another into your family as well so hopefully this list helps!

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Mischa and Minka Himalayans

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