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Nordstrom Annniversary: Top 10 Early Access

So, unless you’ve been on another planet, you probably heard all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – basically, every girl’s Christmas Morning.  It kicked off the Early Access sale earlier this morning and I woke up extra early to comb through all the prices and find you the BEST DEALS.  I typically don’t go crazy with sales and try to only buy what I need (instead of getting price happy), but what I love about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is that all this stuff is new and perfect for the next upcoming seasons – something that not a ton of sales give you.  Usually, you can find last season’s unwanted merchandise in sales, but with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you can really save big on brand new Fall/Winter apparel and accessories that will stick around all throughout the remainder of the year.

It can be insanely overwhelming and I definitely like to do my research before taking the plunge and filling up my online shopping cart.  I’m listing out some of what I think are the best finds – and worth your pretty pennies.  If you see something with a PINK HEART marked GLAM PICK, it’s because it’s currently in my shopping cart – so you know I really must love it!  You can click right on the little pink + signs so shop the item (or just get more info), and I also marked which of my picks are under $100!

The early access sale lasts for the week for Nordstrom Card Holders and opens to the public on July 22nd and all prices will go up on August 8th!

Make sure to let me know if you scored a deal on anything – I’ll be sharing more throughout the week!



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