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Sephora Insider Beauty Sale

Sephora Insider Beauty Sale

This was SUCH a requested post — my OSG fam seems to be just as beauty obsessed as am I and my little heart is PROUD.  The Sephora VIB event is currently happening for Rouge Members only right now (those beauty insiders that spend $1,000+ at Sephora annually).  It opens to VIB (Very Important Beauty Insiders) and regular Beauty Insider members starting May 2nd — and it’s the BEST time to take advantage of these site-wide deals… beauty rarely goes on sale!


  • Rouge Members Early Access April 26 – May 1st: 20% off with code HEYROUGE
  • VIB and Insiders Sale May 2 – 6th: VIB Members get 15% off with code HEYVIB and Insiders get 10% off with code HEYINSIDER.



Dr. Brandt No More Baggage de-puffing eye cream is one of my favorite beauty hacks and I’ve gone through about 3 bottles!  I don’t use it everyday and save it for days I’m REALLY needing a little help (especially long travel days… it’s a must!), but this stuff is absolute magic.  I’ve also started incorporating an exfoliant into my skincare routine a few times a week (I love the SkinCeuticals one I mentioned on my stories a few weeks ago) but this Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion is another top contender — a little goes a LONG way so you’ll have this baby for a while.  Exfoliating has helped tremendously with my ongoing cystic acne issues and helps to renew my skin so previous breakouts fade faster.

La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream is worth the splurge if you’re looking for a thick night cream.  Again, not something I use every single day, but when my skin is really dry (or had too much sun), this cream does the trick.  I hear a lot of people note that they don’t think it’s anything special and I could NOT disagree more — my skin is extremely dry and sometimes, this is THE ONLY cream that actually moisturizes me!

Speaking of sun — you all know I’m all about that SPF life every single day.  I’ve been using Supergoop! Unseen Suncreen since it launched last year and it’s the best.  Now, you can’t use the excuse that you hate wearing face sunscreen because “it feels gross and thick” because this is more like a silky serum that is absolutely weightless.  I also love Supergoop! CC Cream for days I want to go without foundation but still want a little coverage — and this stuff is amazing to bring on vacation!

Drunk Elephant recently sent me a bunch of their best sellers to try out (knowing I’m a skincare junkie) and while I haven’t switched from my beloved SkinCeuticals routine — the two products that stood out were the Virigin Marula Face Oil (omg, yes) and the Baby Facial, which is a mask I’ve been using about 1x per week for the last month and LOVE.


Charlotte Tilbury everything.  Seriously, this brand has become my absolute favorite makeup brand over the last year and it seems like every new product I try, I fall in love with immediately.  I could list every product out here, but I’ll just stick to the life changers (haha).  Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Setting Powder is one of the best things in my makeup bag right now.  I use it with a damp beauty blender to help set my eye concealer and it does the job without making around my eyes TOO bright (and unnatural looking).  For days where I don’t wear foundation, or days where I want a dewy look, I apply Flawless Filter on bare skin or on top of foundation and it instantly gives that sun kissed, glowy, goddess-y feel.  You all know my obsession with cream eye shadow and Charlotte Tilbury makes one of my all time favorites: Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow (I love shade Jean SO MUCH).  If you’re looking for the perfect nude lipstick, look no further than Pillow Talk (one of CT’s iconic shades).

For my brows, I’m a huge fan of layering on Benefit’s Ka-Brow (which is a cream-gel consistency that helps me fill in and define my brows) followed by Gimme Brow (which is a volumizing gel that helps give my brows a bushy, not-so-perfect look).  I’ve been using both of those for over a year!

My current favorite lash routine starts with Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Lash Primer followed by the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara which does just that — it gives insane volume to the lashes and gives my eyes the appearance that I’m wearing eyeliner on the top, it’s that thick!  I hate the look of spidery lashes (no thanks) and love how natural (but also dramatic) this looks!


I go to a Kérastase ONLY salon — so my obsession with the brand is at an all-time high.  I use the Kerastase Reflection Shampoo & Mask (and have for years) which is specially for colored treated hair.  Since I switch up my shampoo/conditioning routine every time I shower (and tend to rotate products in and out depending on what I need), using the masque instead of the regular conditioner means I’ll treat my hair about every 3 washes to a deep condoning treatment.  On days I feel like I have buildup (from products, sweat, and/or our hard water), I love using Christophe Robin Purifying Scrub as a shampoo and the Detangling Conditioner — it makes my hair feel SO CLEAN and my blowouts definitely last longer.  I’ve also been swapping in SEED Phytonutrients (a CLEAN at Sephora stamped brand) on all other days for a good daily cleanse — I have a giveaway coming up with them really soon, so stay tuned!

For tools, my Dyson hairdryer is still my best friend — going on a year and a half of using it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If you want to know my true thoughts and an honest review, check out a post I wrote last year.  In my opinion, it’s worth it!  I’m also still using my t3 Whirl Trio to curl my hair and alternate between the different wands depending on what look I’m going for!

What are you scooping up from the sale?!  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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