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The Best SPLURGE vs. STEAL Pieces

If you follow along with me on Instagram Stories, you may have seen a newer series I launched a couple of weeks ago focused on SPLURGE vs. STEAL pieces.  I’m basically rounding up designer items that you can splurge on… and finding a similar item that you can steal to save you some pennies, but still get the same look!  I shared a few of my favorites that I am constantly getting questions about and also had you gals send me some ideas for items you were looking for and OH MAN did I get a response!  You all gave me such great feedback and suggestions and I was happy to start HUNTING HARD for you!

If there’s anything you’re looking for — leave me a comment below and I’ll share my finds in the next SPLURGE vs. STEAL post!


Stuart Weitzman Lowland

These ended up being the fourth pair of Stuart Weitzman boots I’ve invested in over the last five years.  After wearing the similar style with the heel for the last 4 seasons, I knew I wanted the flat pair to wear with me on a few of my fall trips, including Paris (seen here)!  The splurge pair are worth every single penny (especially if you wait for them to be included in a before-the-season sale like I always do), but you can’t go wrong with this steal price point!  *GLAM TIP — I’ve always had trouble with the less expensive styles falling down and slouching too much (which is why I love my Stuart Weitzman boots oh so much), but a good trick to prevent that from happening is to wear a pair of boot socks underneath to keep them from slipping!


These were my first pair of investment boots and what made me fall in love with the Stuart Weitzman brand!  I splurged on these over four years ago (when I was still working full time and saved up money from a few side blog projects to make the purchase) and have never regretted it.  Every year when I pull them out, I’m so happy I still have them and they are still in such amazing shape (and have been worn to the ground).  My Oh So Glam readers actually suggested the STEAL pair below and they have come highly recommended!


I wanted a Gucci belt since our trip to Italy — that was actually what my husband purchased on our trip (while I got this crossbody bag).  After we returned back to the states, I started keeping my eyes peeled for the belt I saw… and couldn’t find it anywhere!  All sizes were sold out, and I ended up putting a few alerts up for when they restocked!  In the meantime, Gucci actually came out with a smaller size, and once I saw it — I was SO happy I waited!  This version of the belt is a lot thinner, more feminine, and not as clunky (so it doesn’t stand out as much as the large size does), and I’m able to get a lot more wear out of it!  If you love the style, the Tory Burch version will totally get you the look for about half the price!


I never like to play favorites, but Chloé makes some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen, and I feel so fortunate that I’m able to own a few.  I wanted the this ‘Drew’ bag since I first laid eyes on it, but didn’t end up getting it for a few years.  I love this color because it’s seasonless and goes with just about anything.  I can’t believe how good the dupe to this bag — I’ve seen it in person!  For under $40, you should definitely grab it!  It goes with everything from dresses, to jeans, to even formal occasions like weddings!


Givenchy Antigona

Another bag I waited on for a few years — this is probably my most-used bag.  I think if you’re going to invest in anything, it’s a standard small/medium sized black designer bag, because you can use it year-round, and it just goes with absolutely everything.  I can’t recommend this style enough — I went with the small “Antigona” bag (the medium was a little too large for my frame).  It holds just enough, but is also comfortable enough to walk around in, and I love that it has the shoulder strap (which I end up using a lot).  The Sole Society version below is the same shape and has some beautiful details to make it pop!


Wayf Cami

So… surprise!  I’m actually NOT wearing the splurge in this photo.  This is the dupe!  I’m a huge fan of Cami NYC and have two of their more basic silk camis, but did not want to invest in this one (I was afraid it wouldn’t get as much use).  I stumbled across this dupe during one of the major sales over the summer and grabbed it!  I’ve worn it countless times under sweaters, blazers, and leather jackets, and lover that it adds a little edge to a look.  *GLAM tip — if you NEED to wear a bra, try a strapless with a plunging center.


These couldn’t be MORE my style.  After trying numerous dupes (and not getting the feel I wanted), I FINALLY invested in these after finding them on a pre-owned website (that were worn once).  I saved myself HALF of the retail price and felt at that price, they were worth the splurge!  When I shared this dupe I found on Instagram, you girls WENT NUTS and they sold out 😉  I found them back in stock and on sale below!


If I have ONE signature piece in my closet, it’s these sunglasses.  I got them about 3 years ago and they have become my most-worn pair.  I LOVE sunglasses and they are one of my favorite accessories… I seriously don’t feel dressed unless I have a pair on, and I used to have so much fun picking a pair to wear with a look.  Lately, this pair IS IT.  I can’t seem to put on any other style without wanting to revert back to these!  I found this Quay pair for almost a third of the price of mine (and can speak for the quality — Quay is a great brand).


Gucci Princeton Loafer

My most-requested splurge/steal item — the Gucci ‘Princeton’ mule loafer.  Again, another splurge I wanted to make in Italy… this one HAUNTED me for months after.  I tried them on, left without them, and pined over them for months when we returned.  Raj ended up finding them at a boutique when we traveling and surprised me by having us stop by the store and they were there waiting!  I had actually purchased the STEAL pair of these in white and LOVE them, so this is a personal recommendation.


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    Natali Karppinen
    January 25, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Gucci belt and Chloe’s boots are definitely SO worth the splurge but it’s also great to know that there’re much more affordable similar looking items online too. 🙂


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