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The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide: Items You NEED

Blogger Baby Registry Guide

I’m not going to lie, I put off creating my baby registry for SO LONG because I was completely and utterly overwhelmed.  Does that sound like you?!  You’re in the right place!!!  I didn’t know the FIRST thing about any baby products so the thought of putting together a list of things I needed for the most life-changing event when I had zero knowledge was enough to send me into a panic attack the second I thought about it.  Sure, I had some input from friends and family.  But, there’s just SO MUCH STUFF, so many products, so many opinions.  — & If you’re expecting, I’m sure you already know how opinionated everyone is regarding must-have items.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m just not a gadget lover and really hate clutter… so while I tried to listen to the outside opinions (and appreciated the input), I also tried to minimize what went on the list so our house wouldn’t turn into Chuck E. Cheese.  I’m here to share what I have loved and what has worked for us so far!

As far as registries go — I would highly recommend an Amazon baby registry.  I used both Amazon and Babylist (and most of my gifts ended up coming from Amazon anyways as it’s an option to buy most on Babylist).  Amazon makes any needed returns super simple and streamlined and the 15% off completion discount you get after (you get 15% off 2 separate orders) is great for any leftovers or forgotten items!


Now, let’s get into the registry items!

Big Ticket Items

Note: we actually purchased all of these big ticket items ourselves as they were splurges and not something we felt comfortable registering for, but I wanted a place to review these items as I get asked about them often!

The Snoo.  If you haven’t heard of it which I’m sure you have (I heard about it before I was even trying to get pregnant) — it’s a smart bassinet developed by Dr. Harvey Karp (a famous pediatrician) that keeps the baby on his/her back (per the sleep guidelines) with a built-in swaddle.  It also responds to baby’s fussing with automated white noise and motion to help soothe the baby back to sleep.  Since Leo was a premie and a little too small to put into the built-in swaddle right away, we didn’t use the smart features until he was about 5 weeks old.  We used it as a regular bassinet for some overnights and naps in the beginning, so I was starting to think we had spent a ton of money on a standard bassinet.  But, once he got big enough (he was about 7 pounds when we finally turned the features on) — I knew every cent was well worth the money.  We gained HOURS of sleep the first night he slept in it as it would soothe him back to sleep before I even had a chance to get over to the bassinet when he would start to fuss.  What I also love most (and was most worried about, honestly), is that it somehow detects the level/type of cry and can determine between a “fuss” and a true “I need something cry” — so it shuts off the motion and alerts you via your phone or tablet when you actually need to tend to the baby.  Leo was sleeping 4 hour stretches since 5 weeks old and has gradually slept longer and longer stretches over the next several weeks — he started sleeping 12 hours overnight at 3.5 months old.  I think part of it is from some independent sleep skills he has learned from The Snoo.   Highly, highly recommend.  You can also find one used (which usually cuts the cost in about half).  We ended up buying off a friend who used it for one of her kids!

Note: If you don’t add to your registry, you can absolutely add some of the accessories to your list like the swaddle bundle (S,M,L) & the Snoo mattress sheets.

Silver Cross Wave Stroller.  I spent SO MUCH TIME researching strollers.  I knew I wanted a convertible so that it could potentially (fingers crossed) be a double stroller down the line.  But, what I hated about some of the other strollers on the market is how you lose the storage basket on the bottom if you choose to convert to a double.  I knew that storage would be needed.  This was my favorite stroller by far — the detailing is beautiful, it rides like a dream and it’s a breeze to fold up.  It comes with both the bassinet (Leo is still happily using and we use it a lot as a travel bassinet for naps outside the house) and the regular seat, both of which you can use together if converted that way.  I did buy the car seat attachments separately to be able to connect my Nuna carseat on-top of the stroller, another option we have used a ton.

Some stroller accessories to add to your registry: portable sound machine, re-chargable fan, stroller caddy, and this toy arch (that actually attaches to the carseat as well).

Babyletto Kiwi Nursery Glider.  I cannot even begin to express how much this has been used over the last 4 months.  I knew off the bat that Leo’s nursery was going to be the hub and we were going to go to him (to let the other parent sleep in our room with the cats undisturbed).  We also had my mom helping out both at night and during the day so having everything in his room just made the most sense for our situation.  This chair does it all — it glides, it rocks, it reclines with the push of a button, it has a phone charger, and it’s SO comfortable.  I can’t even tell you how many hours we have all slept on this thing… it basically reclines so far that it almost goes flat.  It’s the perfect chair for all those newborn cuddles, for nursing/feeding, and for getting some shut eye yourself.

Carseat.  After a lot of research, we ended up registering for two.  We went with the Nuna Pipa Lite for the infant carseat and the Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1 carseat for when he outgrows the first one (which will last until he’s 100 pounds with the booster).  I wasn’t sure why two carseats would be needed per a lot of recommendations (since the Graco and a lot of others can also be infant carseats) but when you look at the weight of the actual carseat, it makes a little more sense.  If you plan to tote around the infant carseat in and out of places (or attach it to a stroller like I do), you’ll want a carseat that’s as light as possible and compatible with the stroller.  The Nuna Pipa Lite is under 7 pounds (6.9lbs to be exact) — add in the weight of your baby and that’s what your lugging around.  The Graco (and other comparable carseats) are 20+ pounds so it’s a huge difference and mostly for convenience and ease.

Carseat accessories to add to your registry: We added this backseat mirror to the headrest behind the carseat & a little teether toy that clips onto the handle.


Hatch Sound Machine.  I highly recommend this one with both the nightlight and the clock.  I got this one without the clock at first and then returned it for the one with the clock after one of my girlfriends told me it’s great to be able to look quickly at the time (since you basically time everything with a newborn) without having to reach for your phone.  I love that you can connect and control everything with the app — helpful for turning on the nightlight ahead of going into the room, adjusting the sound machine volume remotely, and setting routines so it starts and stops at the same time each day.  I also brought this to the hospital — it was so nice to have white noise to drown out the hospital sounds and a nightlight for those newborn wakeups!  You can also control everything without the need for Wifi — the buttons are functional on the back and you can tap the top to turn on and off!

Miku Baby Monitor.  I debated heavily between this one and the Nanit and ended up liking some more of the options on this one.  The picture quality is incredible, it has the current room temp and humidity gauge, and it has the “live breathing” functionality without the need for a wearable (unlike the Nanit).  The live breathing feature isn’t currently compatible with the Snoo (since the Snoo is usually in motion and throws it off) so I can’t speak to that functionality quite yet.  We also have the floor stand (which we use as opposed to mounting it on the wall) which has come in handy for the few times we have needed to move the Snoo around and when we plan to use it for the crib.

Swaddles.  We started swaddling Leo with zipper and velcro swaddles right off the bat (he still loves to be swaddled to this day).  Before we started using the Snoo and he was lounging in the Dock A Tot during the daytime (more on that below), we loved using these Love To Dream SwaddleUP zipper swaddles — we called them the batwing swaddles because he could still rest his little arms above his head.  I noticed he would sleep the best with his arms swaddled down to his sides so at night we would use these velcro swaddles (these were small enough for his premie size) before switching to these Swaddle Me swaddles, which we still use!  These aden + anais swaddles are also great for a more traditional swaddle and can double as a lightweight blanket!

Humidifier.  Leo was born at the end of March so we still had the heat in our house going for a of couple months (which is really drying).  I noticed that when I ran the humidifier in his nursery during naps and at night, his skin was much less dry and flakey!  I love this one (has a built-in nightlight) + you can add your favorite baby-safe essential oils to it.  I love diffusing lavender in the nursery!

Nursery Mini Fridge.  This wasn’t something we registered for but ended up grabbing within the first few weeks.  Leo’s room was our hub so having a little fridge in the nursery meant I could prep bottles for overnight feedings and store any leftovers to prevent waste without having to go up and downstairs twice (also great for pumping in the middle of the night).  We also stored a few bottles of water for my mom when she was helping out overnight!

Newton Crib Mattress.  Leo is still in the Snoo but we’re starting to transition to crib naps during the daytime and love this mattress.  Not only is it insanely comfortable (I gave it a try before we put it in the crib), but it’s 100% breathable and 100% washable and hypoallergenic!


Dock A Tot.  This was the perfect lounger for him for the first 5-6 weeks!  We loved it so much, we ended up with 2 so I wouldn’t have to lug one around with the baby in my arms (one stayed upstairs between his room and our room and one stayed downstairs on our main sofa).  It doesn’t sound like a long time to use something, but when you’re IN IT, it’s a loooong time.  It was nice to have somewhere to “dock” him for those quick newborn sleeps (he was eating every 1.5-2 hours at this point so he wasn’t sleeping long stretches in it but there were a lot of naps).  I would use one of the swaddles listed above and put the lounger right beside me wherever I was (couch/bed/glider) if he wasn’t contact napping.  They make so many beautiful covers too so you can match your decor and keep it out without it looking like another baby item!

Note: The Dock A Tot is not safe to use unattended and shouldn’t be used in a crib/bassinet and for any unattended sleep as there is a risk for suffocation.  I always used when I was right next to him!

Fisher Price Swing.  Once he became a little more alert and started craving some action (and he had longer wake windows), I ended up caving and buying this swing.  It was something I didn’t register for (and wish I had instead of the Mamaroo).  We keep it in the family room and he swings in it multiple times per day.  It’s a great place to park him (and distract him) while I’m prepping a bottle, making a quick lunch, answering an email, or tending to the cats (the other children).  It is pretty large so I would recommend a smaller one if you’re limited on space (it’s also not travel friendly by any means).  But, the quality is great, it swings in both directions, and had a mobile and some music which keeps him entertained for a while!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer.  The amount of times we have used this is too many to count.  I love that it’s a convertible piece that can grow with them (it becomes a toddler seat after the bouncer), I love that it’s lightweight (I can carry it around with one hand), and I love that it doesn’t require an outlet to work, so it essentially works anywhere.  It also folds down nice and flat so it’s easy to travel with — we bought it on our summer vacation, we’ve taken it to our parent’s house, tailgating for the polo matches outside, on our patio.  I also love that it sits up so he can see what’s going on and can be in the action (if I’m cooking or we’re hanging out).


Nursing Pillows.  I absolutely love using the Boppy Nursing Pillow — I used it for nursing early on, for bottle feeding him, as a place to rest my arms when pumping, and now Leo can use it to “sit” and prop himself up.  We ended up with this adorable lion Boppy (which is so cute for his name).  For the first few weeks (and because I had a C-Section), this curved pillow was a dream come true.  It doesn’t sit on top of your lap like the Boppy does, and instead, curves around the side of your body which was great for nursing and bottle feeding + helped during early skin-to-skin without the pressure on my incision.  It’s also gorgeous and we keep it on the couch (it looks like a pillow with that pretty tassel).

Bottles.  We didn’t have much luck with Dr. Brown bottles that the hospital recommended so we switched to these Nanobebe bottles pretty early on.  I love that they are silicone instead of plastic, it’s 3 pieces (instead of 5 pieces like Dr. Brown, much easier for cleaning) + the shape is very easy to hold and squeeze and easily stands up when put down (perfect for when you’re feeding and don’t have a hard surface near you when you need to burb/change positions — it doesn’t tip over and make a huge mess).  We started off with the 5 ounce bottles and are just now graduating to the 9 ounce bottles at 4 months old!  You can also switch the nipple flow sizes as baby grows.  We also love their drying rack and keep it next to our kitchen sink.

Burp Cloths.  I became a burp cloth SNOB these last few months and muslin is the ONLY way to go.  It’s a super absorbent material so the milk doesn’t roll off the fabric, it actually absorbs without leaking through and making a mess.  I love the curved shape of these Green Sprouts burb cloths (perfect for putting around the neck of baby and/or placing on your shoulder for burping) + this brand washes so well.  I also love these aden + anais burp cloths that have two snaps that can convert them into a bib!

Bottle Sanitizer.  I keep this Baby Brezza Sterilizer in Leo’s bathroom upstairs and it’s great for quick sanitize/dry situations (you can run a cycle in 30 mins).  I didn’t realize that sanitizers don’t actually clean the bottles (or whatever you put in there, pacifiers/teethers, etc.) so you have to wash the pieces with dish soap first to clean the milk/formula and then put them into sanitize (which I honestly don’t love).  It’s great in a pinch, but I much prefer the dishwasher — we usually run our dishwasher nightly so I just make sure to add the sanitize option!

Bibs.  After trying several kinds, these were the most absorbent!

High Chair.  We have not used this yet but we have the Lalo high chair!  I can’t speak from personal experience quite yet (I loved the minimal design and that it converts into a regular chair later on) so will add to this when I’m ready!

Feeding accessories to add to your registry: we ended up registering for some baby spoons and a few suction plates for when he starts eating solids!

Note: I do have the Baby Brezza Formula Pro (which I was SO excited to use) but due to the formula recall/shortage, the formula Leo is on is only currently available in pre-made bottles (no powder is available) so we have not been able to use!


Changing Table.  We have a dresser upstairs in his nursery with a topper for his upstairs changing table but we also decided to make a separate changing station in our main level mudroom so we didn’t have to go upstairs from the kitchen/family room (where we spend most of our time) to do a quick change (like 10 times a day).  We wanted a separate space to keep organized and out of the way.  If you have two levels (or large layout), this is a great option and I love this changing table with two shelves for extra baby things!  I use these bins to organize diapers, wipes, burp cloths, extras onesies/outfits, the diaper bag (since it’s close to our garage when we’re out the door), and an extra set of baby essentials (some medicine, hair brush, nail file, thermometer, etc.)

If you end up with that changing table, this changing pad fits absolutely perfect on the top level.  We grabbed a few sets of king pillowcases from Amazon to put over the top of the pad (so it’s not cold).  

Changing Pad.  For the upstairs dresser changing topper, this Keekaroo Peanut Changer fits perfectly inside ours and is slip proof.

Wipe Dispenser.  We have two of these for both changing areas.  Love the weight in it to help dispense the wipes!

Diaper Pail.  We use this one for dirty diapers!  You can also add extra bags to your registry so you’re stocked up!

Laundry Hamper/Baskets.  This laundry hamper is in his room which has a separator for darks/whites.  I also love a laundry basket for the top of our washer so I can quickly throw in his items (the amount of laundry for such a little person is insane).

Diaper accessories to add to your list: you can register for diapers (or have a diaper raffle at your shower like we did) so you’re stocked up for when baby comes in a few different sizes.  I love Honest diapers (we have a subscription), but also love Millie Moon (from Target) and Coterie (I love these for overnight) — I also like Pampers Swaddlers in a pinch!  You can also register for wipes (my absolute favorites are the Whole Foods brand 365 with coconut oil) but on Amazon I love Pampers Pure.  I also go through this Diaper Ointment by the tube (I apply every diaper change as a preventive for diaper rash and so far, so good!)


Baby Bath.  This little bath converts 3 different ways.  Right now, we use it in our kitchen sink but it can also be used in a big bathtub.

Bath Products.  I absolutely loooove the Tubby Todd line.  Leo definitely inherited my sensitive skin and this line doesn’t break either of us out in hives.  I love the bath wash and lotion + this all-over ointment is great for baby acne, craddle cap and any extra dry baby skin!

Bath Towels/Washcloths.  Highly recommend anything with a hood, we love this 2-pack Honest set, but also registered for a more luxurious one from Pottery Barn!  And, love this 6-pack of washcloths!

Bath Accessories.  I didn’t add these to my registry and someone thought to add them as a gift which I loved so I’m adding them here!  A little water pourer to rinse, a rubby ducky of course, a mesh storage basket for toys, and a water spout cover!

Baby Body Wipes.  These Noodle & Boo wipes are AMAZING.  We try not to bathe Leo every single night so these are great for a quick wipe down/touch up and perfect to leave in the diaper bag!  They’re so luxurious, I even snuck a pack to use myself!

Other accessories to add to your registry: an electric baby nail file and nail grooming set, a snot sucker (we also got an electric one for bad colds), a hair brush set, and a baby thermometer.  


Footed Onesies.  This is basically what the baby will wear 24/7 the first few weeks/months!  I had registered for a few newborn sizes and some 0-3 month sizes, but we ended up needing to order premie sizes while in the hospital.  I’m ALL ABOUT the two zipper onesies (vs the one zip all the way down or the snaps… ugh, the dreaded snaps early on are torturous, try snapping 20 snaps in the middle of the night and you’ll get it).  My absolute favorites are Kyte for breathability and washing without shrinking, but the price point is tough since they grow out of them SO fast and you need several (we changed Leo sometimes up to 3 times a day at the beginning).   Ergo Pouch is another current favorite for sleeping (we loved 1.0 tog in the cooler months and 0.2 tog in the summer).  I also loved Carters Little Planet early on for price point and ease of shipping — I felt like I was always ordering a new size because he was growing so fast!  I would say it’s safe to have 7-8 onesies in each size.  I also loved the organic cotton ribbed bodysuits in long sleeves and short sleeves (for layering or wearing alone).

Accessories to add: I added a pack of these little hats and mittens, + some little socks to my registry!


aden + anais Bonding Play Mat.  I broke this out very early on (within the first two weeks) so we could all lay together on the floor for some bonding and playtime.  I love that it’s large (and cushion-y) enough for both the baby and an adult to lay on together, plus — the few cute little toys were perfect for Leo early on!

Lovevery Play Gym.  I took this out in month 2 when we started doing some more serious tummy time and Leo is obsessed!  The mat itself has a few different stations (textures/sounds/colors) for them to explore (including a mirror) and the arch that goes over the mat has a few toys hanging off of it and clips to hang some black and white images (Leo stares at them forever).  The mat is easy to wipe clean and washable and let’s be honest — it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing baby items we own!

Skip Hop Activity Center.  We set this up around month 4.5 and he’s been obsessed with it ever since!  He loves to stand and there’s plenty to keep him busy — music, lights, stuff to move around.  It’s pretty light weight for how much it has going on, so it’s an easy one to move around the house (or outside) wherever we are.  It’s also a convertible table as they age!

Early Toys.  We love this soft book that has lots of contrasts and textures — we started showing to Leo early on and now he loves touching it and playing with it during tummy time.  Freddie The Firefly is also a favorite and can clip on to the carseat/stroller to bring with us when we go out!  This large mirror is also fun and has contrast pictures on the back!

Baby Wearing

Baby K’tan Sling.  I used this one early on but in all honesty, I felt it had a shorter shelf life once he started packing on the pounds!

Artipoppe Carrier.  When he was a little bigger, I opted to splurge on this carrier (and wished I had it sooner).  It’s a breeze to get and out of and I’m a sucker for how stylish it looks!  It was also important to me that it was a “hip healthy” item (the Baby B’Jorn one everyone loves is not).  I have a discount code for you to use to save $60!

Ergo Baby Carrier.  We got this one for Raj and he’s used it a ton — the mesh is very breathable!


Silver Cross Jet Stroller.  This travel stroller is AMAZING, we’ve already used it so much.  Not only is it a perfect compact stroller (it folds up to be the size of a carry-on which is perfect for plane/train travel), but it also lives in my car so I always have it with me!  It can be popped open with one hand and easily collapses to fold right back up and has a little cover, a rain guard + it actually has a storage basket at the bottom.  I also purchased the carseat attachments for this one as well so our Nuna Pipe Lite carseat can pop right on.

Hatch Mini Sound Machine.  This one also can be controlled via the app but works remotely as well.  I love how small and portable it is and will use it as a travel sound machine for us when we’re not with the baby!

Silver Cross Pack n’ Play.  This is a great portable crib with the bassinet attachment on top for newborns and infants that can convert into a toddler crib.  It can also be used as a playard! I love how lightweight this one is and it’s VERY easy to assemble!

Beach Tent.  I have this little portable dome which is perfect for newborns/infants and any outdoor scenario (it’s great on our patio and we have brought it to the beach).  We also have this Pop n’ Go Portable Playpen which will be great for when Leo gets a little older — it’s large enough for multiple kids and even an adult to fit inside!

Portable High Chair.  Something we haven’t used yet but I loved this idea for visiting friends/family, going out to a restaurant, and for general travel.  It hooks right onto any ledge!

Other Miscellaneous Gifts

Diaper Bag.  I ended up with both a bag and a backpack style diaper bag!  I use the bag style a lot more right now and it’s a little easier to organize!  I love the convenience of carrying the backpack but I find I have to take a lot of stuff out to get to anything on the bottom so it’s not as functional for me right now!

Books For Parents.  I ended up registering for a few books like Babywise and Moms on Call and read them both cover to cover!  We follow the Moms on Call schedules (starting at 4-5 weeks old) and it was LIFE CHANGING!  It made such a huge difference in the overall household and gave a little more predictability.

Books For Baby.  I loved the idea of a little baby library so I registered for some of the classics!  Another great baby shower idea is to ask for books (instead of cards) and have your guests sign and write a note for the baby!

Milestone Cards/Plates.  One of my girlfriends included these in her gift and we’ve gotten great use out of them so far!

Did I miss anything you love???? Leave me a comment below and feel free to ask any questions!  I will continue to update this post with new items + add to some of the items listed here that have been used!

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