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Tips for an Overnight Flight

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With my trip to Lebanon and France this week (and an upcoming trip to London and Paris next month), you can say I’m going to be spending my fair share of time on planes in the upcoming future.  Overnight flights absolutely suck, let’s be honest… but it’s so nice to get to where you need to go when you’re supposed to be sound asleep.  I can fall asleep in Connecticut and wake up in Paris?  Sign me up.  Doing so much traveling over the last few years, I’ve learned a thing or two about making the best of overnight flights.  Since I’m probably one of the most sensitive sleepers EVER, I’ve had to figure out how to make myself as comfortable as possible when traveling.  Here are some of my tips that actually start earlier than you think.


Hydrate early.  They say you’re supposed to guzzle water during your flight to help hydrate and to keep your skin from drying out.  While that normally works on shorter mid-day flights, overnight flights are another story.  Unless you take the aisle seat (and you better), you’re going to be getting up time after time to trek to the bathroom and everyone will hate you.  It also will make for a very interrupted night of sleep.  If I’m taking a red-eye, I try to use the entire night before and day of to hydrate as much as possible.  I limit coffee (horrifying, I know), and focus on drinking a lot of water and coconut water.  I also buy a water bottle at the airport and drink a lot before boarding the plane.  This way, I’ve had a ton of water prior to taking off and I can sip on water throughout the flight without worrying that I’m going to dehydrate myself.  I also stay away from alcohol.  We were basically fed champagne on our honeymoon flight to Italy and while I wanted to partake in the celebrations, I took a few sips and put it down.  Alcohol dehydrates you even more than the flight and you’ll probably land with a hangover.  Stay away from it and save it for your final destination!

Eat a healthy meal beforehand.  I try to eat healthy the day of and usually try to sneak in a “healthier” meal at the airport before boarding.  Plane food is very hit or miss for me — especially since I’m dairy free and usually try to avoid meat and gluten.  Last year, I looooved my meal to Italy and absolutely hated my meal to Greece.  I barely ate on the plane and was STARVING when we finally landed like 10 hours later.  Never again.  Now, I try to find a spot to eat while at the airport (or even to bring on the plane if it’s not too smelly).  I usually look for a market that makes fresh wraps, or even a Chipotle and will grab a rice bowl.

Don’t skip your nightly routine.  If I have time before we board the plane, I will try to make a pit stop in the rest room and will wash all of my makeup off (if I’m wearing any).  I treat this like a regular night and sleeping in my makeup is a no-no.  I then slather on my serum for night and my moisturizer, as well as my eye cream.  I try to do this before the plane because airplane water grosses me out (someone please tell me I’m wrong and maybe I’ll change my mind, but it really does).  I also usually change out of my jeans into some sort of loungewear.  I’ll usually wear a teeshirt and a pair of jeans to the airport and then will change into some joggers before the flight and then back into jeans before we land.

Wear layers.  I talk about how I’m always cold (do I need to see someone about this?!) so planes are a girl’s worst nightmare.  I am absolutely FROZEN on most plane rides so I always make sure to layer.  I’ll usually wear a teeshirt and cardigan and then I have a heavier sweater that I can take on and off — or bunch up to use as another pillow, or even drape over my legs as another layer.  If you’re traveling in the summer or warmer months, don’t forget socks!  My feet always freeze during plane rides, so even if I’m not wearing socks, I make sure to pack them in the bag that goes under my seat.

Prepare those downloads.  I’ve made the mistake of thinking that I can just do that while I’m sitting on the plane waiting for takeoff and then you realize you need wifi and there’s none around and you go into a full blown PANIC when you look around and see everyone else prepared and already binge watching Scandal.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO FOR 8 HOURS, OMG.  I already downloaded “What The Health” and “Ozark” for this trip I’m currently en route to to keep me busy.  I told my husband to be prepared and he likely isn’t, and guess what?  I won’t be sharing because I don’t have an adapter for two headphones.  Sorry, Raj.

Keep your toiletries handy.  There’s nothing worse when you realize in the middle of a night flight that whatever you need is above you in the luggage compartment.  I try to do some organizing before we leave for the airport (or even while I’m waiting to board).  What will I need during the flight?!  My toiletries and makeup come to mind.  Upon waking up, I usually head into the bathroom on the airplane with a water bottle and brush my teeth, splash some water on my face and put on my day serum and a lighter moisturizer.  I also love to have my headphones, laptop, book, phone charger, back up charger, and travel documents with me under my seat.  I also keep my jeans, pair of socks, and room to stuff my extra sweater in there.

Power through.  Time changes are rough sauce, ugh, I’m tired just even thinking about them.  The worst thing you can do is overthink.  I have a certain friend from L.A. (I won’t name any names), and she’s TERRIBLE whenever she comes to the East Coast and always calculates what time it really is back home.  “But if we set the alarm for 7AM, it’s REALLY 4AM MY TIME.”  Forget about the time and just allow your mind to adjust.  Also, as tempting as it is to get off the plane, show up at your hotel, and pass the heck out, try to stay up.  I try to force myself to power through that first day and will go to bed a little on the early side (but not too early, or you’ll be up in the middle of the night).  It’ll be worth it for the rest of your trip to try to get on a normal schedule.

Do you have any travel tips to share with me!?  Speak now or forever hold your peace — I’m currently en route to the airport and would LOVE to hear other tips to make this flight as easy as possible!  It’s a looooong flight to Lebanon (with a layover in Paris), so I’ll be on the plane forever… with my pre-downloads, my skin hydrated, and (hopefully) nice and warm!  Safe travels, everyone!




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    September 13, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    This was a great post! I always download books and free games before going on flights, just to pass time. I also make sure to pack gum so my ears don’t pop!
    Have fun on your trips! Super jealous!
    x kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.wordpress.com

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