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Two Eyebrow Products I’m LOVING Right Now + Video Tutorial

Oh So Glam Eyebrow Routine

Happy Monday — you guys all had a wonderful weekend!  I wanted to share TWO eyebrow products that I have worked into my beauty routine that have been a total game changer for me.  I’m very into natural, “fluffy” brows as I have been calling them!  I hate when everything looks “too in place” and perfect and I try to avoid products that give too much of a bold/painted-on look, so I’ve been using two products by Benefit that are fiber-based and help add volume.  I also aim to find shades that are a little lighter than my hair color so that my brows aren’t too dark.

(Click on the photo to start the video)

Benefit Ka-Brow Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color (Shade 2) — I use this product to help shape, fill and define my brows.  I use the applicator brush (that comes with the product) and outline the bottom line of my brows, starting in by my nose and dragging the product to the tail.  I then flip the brush, redip the product, and push the product up from the line I just made on the bottom towards the top of my brows to help fill them in.  A little product goes a long way!

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel (Shade 3) — Once the above product has dried completely, I’ll use this product to add a little volume and set my brows for the day.  I’ll use the brush to swipe product across my brows (starting in and dragging out) and then use the brush once again to brush up from the bottom to the top to give my brows a more “fluffy” appearance.

And, that’s it!  It’s a pretty quick routine once you get used to it and makes SO much of a difference.  Eyebrows help to frame your face, so if you’re missing this step, give it a try and let me know what you think. I promise, you’ll thank me and wonder how you ever went without it!  The best part is, I follow this same routine no matter what my makeup looks like — I can just layer on the products if I have on heavier eye makeup to make my brows a little more bold!


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    February 5, 2019 at 10:38 am

    Brow routine is so important! Ladies, please don’t forget about framing your face.
    Thank you for sharing. This gel eyebrow color in medium brown is very nice and looks natural.

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