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3 Beauty Subscriptions Worth Having Right Now

Best Monthly Beauty Subscriptions

I’ve been talking to you gals a bit over on my Instagram Stories about beauty subscriptions over the last few weeks — we’ve chatted: why I tend to NOT love them and how annoying some of them could be when done wrong, but ALSO, which ones currently make sense to have, and why I’m loving these products in my life right now.  I’m only subscribed to 3 at the moment, and these have been my go-to 3 for quite some time.

Before I get into the product line-up, let’s chat about the wrong kind of subscriptions.  I hate (HATE) getting suckered into buying stuff I don’t want… like deeply, truly HATE it.  I don’t want to HAVE to buy something to get something else I really want, I hate the “fake” savings and membership BS that a lot of companies try to pull, and I NEED TO BE THE ONE in control of what I’m getting.  When subscriptions are done right, it’s convenient and saves you money.  If you’re using a product regularly, it makes perfect sense to have it on an auto-ship so you not only don’t have to worry about ordering it, you also save a little cash in some instances.  I’m ALL ABOUT THAT KIND OF THING, so here are the 3 subscriptions I need in my life right now.

3 Beauty Subscriptions Worth Having Right Now

Billie Razor

 I haven’t done much chatting about this product — it’s been ALL over Instagram for the last couple of years and I was influenced after seeing it over and over.  I used to spend about a zillion dollars on razor blade refills and couldn’t stand that ugly, chunky shower razor holder (that would ALWAYS fall off the shower wall at the worst time and scare the absolute piss out of me).  Enter BILLIE — the company started out simple, just selling razors and blade refills and has since expanded to an entire body company (& the products are GREAT).  I ordered the Razor Starter Kit for $9 which includes: 1 handle (in a pretty blush color), 2 blade refills, & 1 small magnet which sticks to the shower wall and keeps your razor from the water (and keeps your blades in tiptop shape). The blades are made in America, have 5 rust free blades for a close shave, and are surrounded by charcoal shave soap (so additional shaving cream isn’t even really needed).

It’s $9 for 4 blade refills (AND FREE SHIPPING) and you can choose how often you want your blades refilled (depending on how often you shave).  What I love is that I have the ability to change how frequent the blades come right from my online account.  For the last 6 or so months, I went with the “every 2 months” option so 4 blades would arrive every 2 months and I could space out to change the blade every 2 weeks — I wasn’t shaving as frequently and was also getting monthly bikini waxes, so it wasn’t as needed.  Now that it’s warming up, and bikini waxes are no longer on the schedule with quarantine, I’ve upped my subscription to the “once a month” option and I’m able to swap out my blade once a week.  $9 for 4 blades is quite a savings — compare that to Venus which are DOUBLE the price at $18.  Plus, I’m not paying for shipping, and not making a special trip to Target to get more blade refills every month or so (therefore saving even MORE money because I’m not buying things at Target I DO. NOT. NEED.)

Equilibria CBD

Incorporating CBD into my life has been a complete game-changer for my sleep and occasional anxiety.  I’ve been a pretty poor sleeper since college, but have always been against a prescription sleeping pill (for personal reasons), so I’ve always kind of just dealt with crappy sleep.  I started exploring with CBD a few years ago and tried CBD drops from several companies before finding Equilibria and sticking to a routine.  I love this company for so many reasons — not only are the products top notch, but the subscription OPTION is incredible.  It saves you 20% automatically on any product, is easy to cancel or revise, and comes with free shipping!  Plus, the subscription aspect is an OPTION, and not required.  You can just be a regular customer without having to subscribe and commit — something I think is a lot different than other companies who just lock you in.

To help with sleep, I take 1 full dropper of the Daily Drops and 1 Soft Gel at night, before my nightly skincare routine.  The Daily Drops (which you hold under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing) work instantly, and help relax me to help with falling asleep, while the Soft Gels are extended release and help me stay asleep for the night.  It took me about a week or two of a consistent routine between the two products to really notice a difference, and after about 6 months, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in the quality and length of my sleep.  Is it perfect?  No.  Do I still have occasional nights of bad sleep?  OF COURSE.  But, I’m trending on having MORE good nights of sleep than bad, and it makes a world of difference.

CBD works best in your system when taken regularly, so knowing that — on top of the 20% savings that subscribing to the products offers, it’s a no brainer.  Equilibria also offers my readers a 15% off your first orders promo code (which can stacked on top of the 20% subscriptions savings), so when subscribed to ANY (or multiple) products, you can get 35% off your first month and 20% off each month from there.  Equilibria CBD

(can be used on subscriptions for any products as well)

Native Deodorant

I made the switch to natural deodorant YEARS ago and get asked what I use all the time.  We ALL KNOW aluminum is deodorant is absolutely atrocious for you, so it was a switch I made back in 2016 and I’ve been on an auto subscription ever since.  I’ve tried a lot of different kinds of natural deodorant, and Native is the only one that really worked for me!  A stick of deodorant typically lasts me about 2 months (used daily), so I’m on the “every 2 months” plan and save 17% — it costs me $10 a stick.  Again, totally makes sense to subscribe here because it’s a product I use every single day and the timing is absolutely perfect, I usually get a billing notification just as my current stick is running low.  I personally love the Lavender & Rose scent but they come out with seasonal scents all the time, so I just switched my subscription to Jasmine & Cherry Blossom for the warmer months!  They have great add-ons too like travel sized deodorants and body wash!

What beauty subscriptions are worth it for you?!  Do you use any of the above?!

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