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Ladies, Put Your Bras Back On

Comfortable Wireless Bralette Review

“I’m afraid I can’t go. I’ve already taken off my bra, so I’m in for the night.”

How many times have you heard that joke before?!  Now that we’re approaching the 2 month quarantine mark, I feel like that joke rings even more true than before.  We’re all working, relaxing, playing, working out, living, sleeping… DOING ALL THE THINGS from home right now — so, do we have to wear bras?!

The short answer, YES.  My mom actually sent me an article about the importance of wearing some sort of bra and asked me if I was wearing a bra daily a few months back (since I’ve been working from home for forever, even before this quarantine situation started).  For the most part, I am… but I’ve made sure to get some comfy bras to get the job done.  We’re talking soft material, wire-free, and adjustable everything.

But, first… let’s talk about WHY we need to be wearing bras at home.

Bras Prevent Sagging.  I feel like this is the obvious one.  Do you need to wear a bra 24/7?  Absolutely not.  But going long-term without supporting the girls will cause the breast tissue to stretch, and overtime, could lead to sagging.  Bras also help with back support and overall posture.  Although I don’t find myself with back pain from not wearing a bra, I do feel like a bra reminds me to stand up straighter and I’m just overall more aware of my posture.  And, finally, bras are in the category of getting dressed and putting on makeup.  Some may feel a bit more put together which will cause a spike in productivity.  It can be very freeing going braless and makeup-less some days, but for the most part, I thrive when I feel put-together, and getting ready is part of my daily routine that I would prefer not to skip.


Jockey Removable Cup Bralette.  This bra is my GO-TO, omg.  I have it in 5 colors… excessive, maybe?  But, I’ve been working from home for 10+ years, so I like to invest in girls, and I wear one of the 5 colors almost every single day.  This style to me is more comfortable than NOT wearing a bra.  It supports me up top, the material is SO soft, and the seamless style looks great under anything I wear.  It also washes well and molds back into shape when air drying.  I also love the adjustable straps and back closure — it makes it super easy to get on and off and I love that I can adjust to make it fit perfectly.  I have this style in nude, black, white, pink and blue.  This style runs true to size and I wear a size small.

Jockey Molded Cup Bralette.  This style is similar to the above in terms of adjustable straps and a back closure, but the cups provide a little more support.  This would be my pick for any larger chest girls as it has more structure but is still so unbelievably comfortable.  I love the extra wide under-band on this style too that stays in place!  I have this style in nude and black.  This style runs true to size and I wear a size small.

Soma Intimates Fashion Form Bandeau Bra.  I’ve had this style for years as well and wear this under a ton of my strappy bodysuits and tanks in the warmer months!  It’s a seamless style that hides well under any fabric I’ve worn it under and stays put.  It also has removable pads.  This style runs a little big and is stretchy, I would size down 1 size.  I wear a size small, could go with XS if they made it.

Jockey Natural Beauty Removable Cup Bralette

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