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5 Most-Used Items from Our Wedding Registry + 5 We Wished We Registered For

A huge thanks to Macy’s for sponsoring today’s post.

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s the start of Wedding Season once again — seriously, where does the time go?!  I get asked about wedding registry items a lot by friends and readers who are getting married and for good reason… everyone always asks which items we end up using the most and which will end up taking up valuable storage space collecting dust.  I wish I did that before making our list!  I rounded up some of my favorites in a post last year after our first year of marriage, but since it’s almost been two years this summer, I thought I’d update the list!  We’ve added a few other small kitchen appliances over the past year since we have really made a conscious effort to eat home as much as possible.  I’m teaming up with Macy’s to share our top 5 registry items and 5 items we WISH we registered for!

5 Products We Still Use

Dyson Vacuum.  This wasn’t actually on our registry, but it had not-so-secretly been on my wishlist for years.  Raja informed my bridesmaids and they all pitched in for this version and it’s still working just as well as the first day we ran it.  Although it’s a pricier item, you’ll have it for years!  Plus, I love the idea of group gifts for higher value items!

Everyday Dining Set.  We registered for two sets of plain white everyday dining and use them constantly. Since we didn’t register for fancy china, I love that the casual set we received can be dressed up when we’re having a more formal tablescape as well.  Market Street New York has some beautiful sets for more casual dining and formal place settings!

Blender.  With limited counter space, I wanted a blender that could do it all.  We received this Vitamix blender from our family and use it every single day.  Raja loves making smoothies and protein shakes (plus some frozen margaritas in the summertime) and I use it mostly for food processing.  I make my own dressings and marinades, hot soups (it steams the soup while blending), hummus, and sauces weekly.  Definitely worth the investment!

Cast Iron Skillet.  This was an item I wanted but wasn’t sure how much I would use it.  I’m so glad we ended up putting it on our list because it’s another kitchen piece we use almost every single day!  Although it takes a bit to get used to using (it has to be seasoned for first use and takes a bit longer to clean than a regular pan), the food we cook in it ends up coming out incredible!

Nespresso Coffee Maker.  I feel like I have my own little coffee shop when I make a fancy coffee drink from my Nespresso!  I have one with a milk frother and definitely recommend it — I use it for making my own matcha tea drinks even when I’m not using the Nespresso pods!

5 Products We Wish We Registered For

Toaster Oven.  I’ve always wanted one, but we’re a little limited on counter space and I didn’t want yet another kitchen appliance taking up any additional room.  I end up heating up our big oven for the smallest things (roasting veggies, reheating items I don’t want to microwave) and it’s a complete waste.  I finally ended up caving and grabbed this Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven from Macy’s a few months back and use it all the time.

Hand Blender.  This small little gadget was something I thought about registering for, but for some reason it missed the actual list!  I ended up picking one up on sale and use it for blending soups (without having to dirty another bowl or our blender).  I also have a recipe for fresh applesauce that I’ll be trying!

Sheet Set.  This is usually a no-brainer, but since we still had a queen bed at the time of my bridal shower and our wedding, we didn’t add these to this list.  We ended up upgrading our bed to a king mattress the Christmas after our wedding and splurged on some amazing quality sheets!  So worth it!

Glass Food Storage Container Set.  I’m slowly throwing out all our mixed and matched plastic containers — I swear, if I opened up our cabinet and had one more random lid fall out, I was going to lose it!  Storing food in glass containers is much healthier anyways (and you can safely heat food in them).  This set is on my wishlist!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  I’m probably the only woman on the face of the planet who didn’t register for one of these (again, storage space problems).  Since I cook a lot, I’ll read a recipe that recommends using one and always sort of regret not adding it!  Once we buy our forever home, this will be a definite purchase!



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