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8 Things Every Guest Room Needs

A huge thanks to Raymour & Flanigan for sponsoring today’s post.

Oh So Glam Guest Room

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I’ve been so excited to share one of our very first “finished” spaces in the new house and have been working hard on bringing it all together over the last few months.  I say “finished” because in my mind, nothing is ever finished… and there’s still a few minor details I’ll probably work to add as time goes by, but I’m all about patience for finding the right pieces instead of filling the space with stuff I’m not in love with.  But, after 5 months, our guest room is finally in a place where people could come and comfortably stay and I’m excited to share it with you guys for the first blog edition of #GLAMsweethome! In our old house, the “guest room” wore a number of different hats: it was sometimes my office, my wardrobe, a place to dry my hair, a storage facility for all that extra stuff I didn’t know what to do with… and oh, sometimes a place where guests would sleep!  I knew that with the new house, I wanted a dedicated space where guests could come over and feel right at home with their OWN space to relax in where they wouldn’t feel like they were imposing on our space.

I’ve teamed up with Raymour & Flanigan today to share 8 things I think every guest room needs for the best guest experience.  You’ll be receiving thank you notes in the mail in NO TIME!

Blogger Guest Room Reveal

A place to unpack their things.  First and foremost, I love checking into a hotel that has a bench or some type of storage at the foot of the bed.  It makes it super easy to unpack my suitcase or duffle bag without having my luggage touch the bed or bedding and I knew I wanted that feature in the guest bedroom.  It’s also a great place to take your shoes off at the end of the day, or to be able to sit on before hopping into bed. We added this gorgeous modern upholstered bench to the end of the bed and I added a fun faux fur rug over the top for a little added luxe.  We also wanted a place where guests could actually unpack and organize their belongings so we picked out this retreat bedroom dresser with ample storage, nickel-brushed hardware and beautiful moldings and details.  We’ve made it a rule to not use the guest dresser or closet and have left both of those empty — this way, guests can really feel unpacked and settled without our stuff being in the way.

A sturdy bed.  You want your guests to get a great night sleep at your place, so when possible, adding a real bed frame can make all the difference and provide needed support for the mattress.  We picked out this gorgeous velvet tufted bed frame to anchor the room — I love how it adds a bit of a luxury feel with the velvet but it also neutral enough to please anyone’s palette.  Since this bed frame did require a box spring (which helps provide even more support), I love that Raymour & Flanigan offers a low profile box spring that won’t show on the sides of the bed frame — it drives me crazy when you can see the sides of the mattress on some beds!  We also made sure that we went with a “Queen” size mattress and bed frame to make it roomy enough for two people to sleep comfortably.  

Hollywood Mirrored Nightstand
Raymour & Flanigan Guest Room

A mirror.  If your guest room doesn’t have a separate guest bathroom, this is a MUST.  Your guests will crave a private place to get ready and un-ready, so including a mirror in the room is a wonderful touch that guests will appreciate.  BONUS POINTS FOR A FULL LENGTH MIRROR (which I’m working on adding one to the back of the door). Mirrors also help take up wall space, reflect and add light to the room, and bring a luxe look and feel to the space.  I instantly fell in love with this beautiful antique mirror that we added above the dresser!

Cozy details.  The right details always take something to the next level.  When designing this space, we knew we wanted to make the room feel as hotel-like as possible, so we made sure to add a lightweight down comforter (perfect for all sleepers), soft (and breathable) sheets and bedding including a quilt for added warmth, plenty of throws and accent pillows, and a beautiful printed rug.  Those details make the room feel inviting and lived in, plus, give different guests options for sleeping comfortably.  

Ample lighting.  Not only ample lighting, but lighting everyone can figure out.  We found this gorgeous crystal lamp that I knew would give the room a bit of GLAM I knew it needed and added it to the nightstand for convenience.  We plugged it into an outlet that works by hitting the switch on the wall, so our guest will never be fumbling to turn on and off the lights!  I’m also looking to replace the current overhead lighting with something at little more glitzy to match the lamp!

Mischa The Himalayan Cat
Velvet Tufted Bed

Artwork and statement pieces.  I’m never a fan of matchy-matchy furniture, so instead of going with a bedroom set, we picked out pieces from different Raymour & Flanigan collections to bring some personality into the space.  This Hollywood mirrored nightstand was a fun statement piece and a nice contrast to the traditional bed frame — it helps makes the room feel less stuffy and serious and is a great conversation piece.  I also love adding artwork to help the room feel finished and intentional — I spotted this gorgeous set of floral artwork and loved the muted water colors — it gives such a relaxing spa-like vibe!  I’m still looking for artwork for the larger back wall… TBD!  

A place to hang out.  If the space allows, a cozy reading nook is a great addition to a guest room.  I had been looking for a larger accent chair for the corner of the room, but didn’t want to stuff every square foot with big, bulky furniture, so I went with a lighter accent chair and small lucite table we had in another room for the time being (until I can find something a bit more permanent).  A private little reading nook is great for guests to relax, read or work at, or even just charge their phones!  

Personalized touches.  No matter what, guests just appreciate thoughtfulness and the amenities of being at home.  You don’t need a fancy room to give a perfect guest experience, but a few touches can make all the difference!  We always make sure to have a stack of clean bathroom towels for our guests readily accessible and try to save extra toothbrushes, night masks, and phone chargers to leave in the room in case anything is forgotten.  We’ve also been grabbing toiletries and slippers from hotels we’ve stayed at around the world over the last several years for little extras to stash for guests! And, if you’re staying at Hotel Tarabishy and open up the guest night stand, you’ll find a few extra water bottles and snacks! 😉

Oh So Glam Guest Room

Make sure to check out Raymour & Flanigan’s selection either online or in store — you could also set up a design consultation if you don’t know where to start!  With summer ending and the holidays on the horizon, you could have that extra room whipped into shape in no time at all with free delivery (and ZERO assembly) and FREE SHIPPING on certain home decor pieces!

And with that said, Hotel Tarabishy is officially open for business!  Who is ready to stay!?!

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