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At Home: Easy Drugstore Makeup Routine

A huge thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post.

Easy Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

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Most of us are safe at home right now trying to figure out our new normal.  For me, getting semi-ready and dressed for the day has really had an emotional impact on me.  After over a decade of working from home, you would think I would understand what an important part of my routine it is for productivity and accountability — but this last month, I realized how important it is for my mental well being as well.  Not only is it a welcome distraction from today’s events, but it also serves as a gentle reminder that at least part of my life feels normal right now, and it’s very much needed.  I know a lot of you are feeling the same way.  I also know a lot of us are trying really hard to be financially conscious right now — so, I wanted to put together a super simple, less than 5 minute makeup routine using all of my tried and true drugstore products — a few of these you’ll recognize because they are an everyday part of my routine, and a few I was able to substitute some higher end products and get the same look!

I’m tremendously grateful to be teaming up with Walmart for this post — a partner who has been wonderful to work with over the last year and a huge supporter of my blog.  I’m a small business and have been running Oh So Glam full-time since 2015 and these events are impacting my business in a big way.  It’s humbling to be working with a company who has been nothing but supportive and has also let me tailor this post to what I feel is appropriate during this time.  All of these products are not only affordable, but can be found on Walmart.com and shipped easily to your doorstep.  I want to thank you ALL for reading (and shopping) this post — any support you guys provide makes me eternally grateful and I’m hopeful that you all will continue to let me be a resource for you as well.

This is a great routine that will still give you a fresh spring look — perfect for all those work zoom calls, happy hour calls with friends & hopefully something you’ll be able to wear OUTSIDE very soon!

Walmart Makeup Routine


  1. After moisturizer and applying my eye cream, I put a dab of COVERGIRL Skin Milk (shade: Light/Medium) on my fingers and apply in dots to my face all over.  I then take a damp Beauty Blender and blend in by tapping my face and repeat until desired coverage.
  2. Using the NYX Brow Pencil (shade: Brunette), I first brush up my brows to reveal any sparse spots and then fill in my brows using the pencil with light brush strokes.
  3. For a little natural face color, I take Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer (shade: Bronzer) and apply to the underside of my cheek and follow up the side of my fast past my temple to my forehead.  I then apply the bronzer to the sides of my forehead, and run the brush along my jawline.  This adds a little natural contouring and helps to slim the face.
  4. Using the same bronzer, I dip a fluffy eyeshadow brush in the bronzer and apply to my eyelids, making sure to blend across my entire eye.  I then take my finger and gently blend the bronzer on my eyelid up towards my eyebrow.  *GLAM Tip: Applying just a hint of color on the eyelids really helps to tie the look together without need another product!
  5. For a bit of color on the cheeks, I love adding a tiny bit of liquid blush to my fingers and dabbing on the apples of my cheek.  I then take a damn beauty blender and blend in.
  6. Using my finger, I take a bit of highlighter off this highlight stick and apply to the tops of my cheek, down the bridge of my nose, the tip of my nose, my upper lip, and above the arches of my eyebrows.
  7. I then curl my lashes with my favorite Revlon Eyelash Curler (I’ve been using this brand since high school) and apply 2 coats of L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara (color: Black) to my lashes.
  8. For a natural lip with a look of hydration, I use Revlon Ultra HD Lip Polish (shade: Act Natural) — it’s the most perfect nude color (with a hint of pink) and perfect for the spring/summer months!

Favorite Drugstore Makeup

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