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Oh So Glam Everyday Makeup Routine

I’ve been so inspired by all of your questions and comments from my new #GLAMWeekly series that launched earlier this year!  A few of you have been asking for my current makeup routine, reviews on current beauty products I use and love, and a list of products so you could shop, so I decided to make one very long post filled with all of that!

My makeup needs change with each season, but this is definitely a pretty accurate list of products I use and love all year round (with a few additions mixed in).  I’m showing you a few options for each step, as I tend to swap products depending on what I feel my skin needs that particular day.  It’s always important to prime and prep your skin prior to putting on any makeup (more on that below), but if you missed any of my winter skincare routine from earlier this year, make sure to check out that post!  I went over my daily and nightly routine — similar to this style post — and gave some honest reviews on the products I’ve been using!

Oh So Glam Everyday Makeup Routine


As I mentioned above, it’s always so important to prime and prep your skin before applying any sort of makeup.  If you start with a clean, blank canvas, you’ll end up with perfect skin to start any makeup routine!  Plus, I’ve found that my foundation and any face makeup goes on so much smoother (and looks so much better) if my skin is ready for it!  My love for it Cosmetics products is getting stronger and stronger with each product I’ve tried and continued to use. It’s a line of cosmetics and skin products designed with leading plastic surgeons, so you know this stuff is good.

After washing my face (I talk about my love for La Mer constantly) or when I first wake up (depending on when I’m applying makeup), I’ll start off with the it Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Serum and apply a drop or two to the Heavenly Brush and apply all over my face.  I learned you are technically supposed to apply any serum before moisturizing, so this is the first step before anything else goes on my face.  From there (and after the serum has dried), I’ll add a dab of moisturizer if my skin is feeling dry and make sure to let that layer completely dry and will apply a little eye cream — I love this one — under my eyes.  When applying any sort of face makeup, I always, always use a primer beforehand.  I was introduced to the it Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Primer back in September and have been using it ever since — but I’m also a huge fan of Smashbox Photo Finish (the original foundation primer that made me believe in primers).  The it Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Primer just smooths every single pore, line, and imperfection that can be found on my face — plus, it helps with any shine and gives my skin a nice matte finish.

On days I choose to go foundation-free, these products are still part of my beauty routine as they help with that “no makeup” makeup look — you can totally fool anyone into thinking you have perfect skin with these!


Oh So Glam Everyday Makeup Routine


I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t believe in the power of foundation until a few years ago — but with age, my skin definitely needs a little help!  In talking to a lot of friends and readers, it shocks me how many people don’t incorporate foundation into their beauty routine!  I think there’s a huge misconception on foundation and women fear that cakey, messy layered look but I’m here to tell you — a little goes a LONG way.

I’m not advocating painting your entire face, or even using foundation over your entire face… but adding a dab to a foundation brush or beauty blender and applying where needed is life-changing.  75% of the time, I love using La Mer’s foundation (pricey, yes, but so worth it).  It’s one of those foundations that doesn’t even feel like makeup and I know my skin can actually breathe under there — plus, I love the SPF included.  I apply a small amount on the it Cosmetics Skin Perfecting brush and dot the center of my forehead, under my cheeks (where I have some dark spots from prior breakouts and too much sun), and lightly on my chin.  Using circular motions, I’ll blend the foundation into those areas (adding more to the brush if needed for buildable coverage).

Before splurging on La Mer, I was an advocate for Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation and even hooked a few of my girlfriends on it!  This foundation feels like silk going on and has such a nice finish — it really lives up to the name, because it never looks like you’re wearing foundation.

When I’m shooting for the blog (usually indoors), I reach for Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting foundation.  I’ve talked about this before, but this stuff is thick AF and it’s almost like you’re applying concealer to your entire face, so it’s important to 1) use a small amount and blend well into your face and 2) wash this crap off at night and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not workout in it.  It’s like a miracle in a jar and you will be astounded how unreal your skin looks — but it’s definitely not something to wear on the regular.


Everyday Beauty Routine Horizontal -1


When I look back before starting this blog, I’m almost ashamed to admit how little I knew about makeup and the correct steps to apply makeup.  I use every single opportunity at beauty events to chat the hell out of the professional makeup artists I’ve been able to meet because of Oh So Glam and have learned more than I ever imagined… seriously, makeup fascinates me.  It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I learned that you are supposed to apply concealer after foundation… #mindblown.  If you’re with me and didn’t know that either, please leave a comment below so I don’t feel alone!

I mentioned above, but I always start out with a little eye cream during the prep phase — I really find that it helps hydrate my undereyes and keeps any sort of eye concealer from creasing during the day.  If I’m having a good day, a tiny bit of undereye concealer will be all I’ll need to use.  I love this one by it Cosmetics — it’s the illuminating version of the cult favorite everyone who loves the brand raves about.  The smallest amount goes the longest way — I’m serious, you can get away with using a PIN SIZE amount and it will still be too much.  This is definitely full coverage and has been more helpful in the colder months this past year — my dark circles tend to look darker when my tan fades.

I was also recently introduced to color correcting and learned a few tricks I’d love to pass along to you.  Any concealer with a green base will help hide redness and a pink or red base will help mask purple or dark undertones (perfect for dark circles and age spots).  I’ve been trying out this Urban Decay peach tone concealer and love it!

When I’m having a breakout, I try my hardest to not wear an ounce of makeup (easier for me since I work from home).  For those not as fortunate, I would definitely recommend this Bare Minerals blemish prep gel and BareSkin concealer.  It’s the only line of skincare/makeup that doesn’t make my breakouts worse when I need to cover them!


Oh So Glam Everyday Makeup Routine


I was introduced to a makeup brand I had never heard of before last summer and have been addicted to this bronzer since!  Laura Geller is based out of NYC and has been huge on QVC for the last 20 years… I seriously must have been living under a rock but I’m so happy to have found this line I love!  I am someone who loathes shimmery bronzer and every matte bronzer I’ve ever fallen in love with has been discontinued at some point.  I’ve been using Laura Geller’s Matte Baked Bronzer and am hooked!  Laura Geller, if you’re listening — please KEEP THIS PRODUCT FOREVER.  I use the lighter, more fair color and it’s been perfect to add a little bronze glow year-round… it’s seriously so natural looking.

I’ve tried many bronzer brushes and always end up coming back to a favorite of mine I’ve been using since high school.  I love this face brush from Bare Minerals — I go through them every year or two!

I feel like a broken record when it comes to contouring, but I’m happy to chat up my love for this technique once again!  If you missed my Easy Contouring Tutorial from last spring, make sure to check it out here!  If you’re a newbie to contouring, I always recommend not investing in a contour palette (you can see on the one above that I don’t even use the blush), and I think you can get away with matte bronzer and a highlighting powder to achieve the look!  I won’t go over my contouring routine here on this post (you can refer to step-by-step instructions here), but yes, I do this daily.  I’ve gotten the hang of it so much that I can master the look in seriously 30 seconds.

I’ve had a few of you tell me that you’ve mastered the routine I showed last year too and would love to now invest in a contour palette.  I can’t say enough about this one from Urban Decay — the color I’m using is “Streak” and it’s pretty matte.  I live for this contour brush set (it’s under $20 for all three) and cannot recommend them enough!


Oh So Glam Everyday Makeup Routine


I have eyelash extenions and have had them for years, so my eye-makeup routine is pretty minimal and I’m not one to use a lot of eyeliners or eyeshadows… although, I will when I’m doing more of a glamour look or having a night out (those are far and few between these days).  I typically use a brown eyeliner when I need to and apply a very thin line to my eyelid and then use the pencil to lightly tint my bottom lashes.  I have smaller eyes, so over lining them just  doesn’t work for me and I try to keep any lines as thin as possible so it makes my eyes pop instead of overlining to make them look smaller.  I’ve always been a lover of Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner — this stuff is as waterproof as it gets but recently tried Marc Jacob’s new matte gel liner and have officially made the switch.  The brown color I’ve been using is (Earth) Quake and I love that you don’t need a sharpener — who has time for that?!  The matte line of eyeliners is actually a newer Marc Jacobs product and a spin on the very popular Highliner line of eyeliners — I’ve tried both but I’m a sucker for anything matte!

For my brows (a must for me even on no makeup days), I love the universal brow pencil from it Cosmetics — I brush up my eyebrows and then fill in any sparse sections using the pencil.  I then take one of the little brushes that come with the Urban Decay Brow Box and dip it into the darker shade and apply over my entire brow, reapplying another coat towards the middle and switching the angle of the brush to go with the direction of the hair.  I use the “honey” shade of the Brow Box (for blondes) because even though I am a natural brunette, my eyebrows are actually a lighter shade. I’ve been using this Brow Box for years — I’m on my third one!

Not pictured, I love finishing off my brows with Anastasia Brow Gel — it really helps keep the powder in place and I like the texture of it more than the wax that comes in the Brow Box!


Oh So Glam Everyday Makeup Routine


Lipstick for me is definitely a MUST — my skin is so fair that if I’m not wearing anything, I seriously look like a corpse.  I did a fall lip color post back in the fall with every color I’m loving right now (including some darker shades) but for nude colors, the below colors are definitely my favorites.

My favorite liner is Bare Minerals Gen Nude in ‘On Point’ and love Bare Minerals Gen Nude lipsticks in ‘Honeybun’ & ‘Tutu’ and these Gen Nude liquid lipsticks are also a favorite!  If you’re on a beauty budget or just want a few less expensive options to stash in every purse,  L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss is under $8 – ‘Nude Allure’ and ‘Statement Nude’ are my two favorite shades.  For darker, more nighttime nudes,  Urban Decay ‘Carnal’ – is a richer nude with a matte texture, and I love the darker nudes from the M.A.C Liptensity set – ‘Marsala’ or Cordovan’ are my go-to colors.


And there you have it, a lot of makeup to digest!  Let me know if you have any questions and if you have any must-have beauty products!



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    So many great beauty picks!
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