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Friday Faves – May 18th, 2018

Hope you all had a wonderful week — it’s finally FRIDAY, and it’s a gorgeous one here in Connecticut (after some pretty funky weather here, including tornados that touched down in the state earlier in the week).  We have a pretty busy weekend, including seeing some of our friends and family and a trip into NYC!  I’m rounding up some of my favorites from the last two weeks that I wanted to share with all of you, including my beverage of choice lately, how I’ve been getting a (faux) glow, and a dress you need that’s on sale for just $50!


Wayf Pink Floral Wrap Dress

Pink Floral Wrap Dress

You gals have definitely seen this dress on me throughout the season — I wore in twice while we were in The Bahamas and to my cousin’s bridal shower a few weeks ago!  It’s one of my favorite dresses ever — every little detail is perfect in my opinion (the print, the neckline, the wrap detailing).  It’s the perfect dress to wear to any event you have going on all summer long — weddings, showers, date night!  You can seriously wear it anywhere!  Oh, and it’s on sale for $50!!!  Get it before it sells out, because IT WILL.


Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter | Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

It’s (basically) summertime, so it’s time to get that dewy glow.  I recently switched up my foundation routine when I tried the brand new Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter — you can wear it alone on your bare face or layer it over (or even mix it in) with foundation.  It does exactly what it sounds like it does — it essentially looks like you have an Instagram filter on your face, and blurs every little imperfection, and leaves you looking highlighted and glowing.


Beach Day Look

Exact Straw Circle Bag (size large)

If you followed along with me on my trip to Palm Beach, you probably saw me using this bag with basically every single look.  I never expected this bag to take over my life, but it has, and I’m not mad about it.  It looks absolutely adorable with any look and is actually SO comfortable to wear and use.  I have the largest version (8.6 without the lining).  It’s currently out of stock, but you can preorder the new shipments that are coming in next week!  I cannot recommend enough — especially for the $60 price tag!


Palm Beach Cafe Boulud Breakfast

Gingham Dress

Okay, who are we kidding… I basically drink this year round because I love iced-coffee.  This isn’t actually iced-coffee though, it’s a step above and a game changer… cold brew coffee AT HOME.  Now, you don’t have to hope they don’t run out of cold brew at your Starbucks before you get there (because then you know it’s gone FOR THE DAY).   You can actually make this right at home, and this little cold brew coffee maker is under $17… which is basically less than 3 Starbuck cold brew coffees.  I’ve been using this since last summer and it’s easier than brewing regular coffee.  You fill up the little filter with the coffee of your choice (I’m using one currently from Trader Joe’s), fill the pitcher with filtered water, and plop the filled coffee filter in the water, and set it in the fridge overnight.  In the morning (and for at least 2 more mornings), you have fresh cold brew (without the lines, and without the $6 price tag).  YOU ARE WELCOME!


Simple Human Makeup Mirror

Makeup Mirror c/o

While this is a VERY pricy item, I cannot even begin to tell you what a game changer this has been in my house the last two weeks.  Our upstairs bathroom is TINY and without any vanity space, so I’ve always done my makeup either in my bedroom (or now in my office/closet at my desk).  Neither room has overhead lighting, so I’m usually running back and forth from either room to the bathroom after each step of makeup to make sure I haven’t overdone it.  You know when you do your makeup in BAD LIGHTING and then look at yourself in natural lighting?  That’s one of the scariest sights to see.  This SimpleHuman wide view mirror has a lot going for it — including three panels (which you can flatten and adjust to get the best view), a magnifying mirror in the center, and the BEST lighting on a makeup mirror I’ve ever used.  You can actually replicate NATURAL LIGHT on this mirror and it’s wifi and Alexa capable.  I could seriously turn off every single light in my room, turn on this makeup mirror, and it feels like I’m doing my makeup outside.  You can also download the SimpleHuman app, which lets you replicate certain lighting situations you would want to get ready in (or CHECK your makeup in), including restaurant, overcast and candlelight lighting, + you can actually add in your own if you upload or take a picture in different lighting conditions.  This one is as big as a computer monitor, so if it’s too large, you can always try this smaller mirror, which will still give you the same natural sunlight lighting, but about half the cost and half the size!

If you missed my last Friday Favorites post — you can check it out here!


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    May 19, 2018 at 12:13 am

    Your gingham and wrap dresses are wonderful!


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