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If you missed my first #GLAMWeekly post last Friday — make sure to check it out!  I’m rounding up a few questions I received this week on Snapchat, Facebook and that you emailed in + sharing details on some items I have that are currently on sale!

I love your white winter coat but I could never keep it looking clean with kids! 

Not so much a question, but I had a few people comment on my white coat above but mention they would never be able to have one with their kids (and messy hands)!  I actually get the same comment with my white couch all the time – haha!  Let me tell you, just because I’m childless doesn’t mean I can get away without spills — I actually made a coffee to go recently when heading out to shoot photos (in the white coat)… tripped in my driveway over myself, and spilled coffee all along one side of my pristine coat.  SPOT TREATMENT IS YOUR NEW BFF.  I always keep a few Tide sticks stashed everywhere (including my bag and my car) and Oxyclean is a VIP in my house.  Just make sure to test a spot on your clothing a little more hidden in case the fabric has any sort of reaction.  I’ve included some amazing white coats currently on sale!

I saw you mention going to barre class in your Q&A last week.  We don’t have Pure Barre but I have seen other barre classes in my area but I’m intimidated to go.  What can I expect?

I danced for about 18 years, so a barre workout for me seemed like it would be so natural.  It’s 55 minutes (no breaks) and a full body workout doing tiny, one-inch (isometric) movements.  The movements at first can feel easy, but after repeating over and over, your muscles start to shake like JELLO.  They tell you that shaking is a good thing — “EMBRACE THE SHAKE” — and even the instructors who take the class shake during certain movements, so it’s definitely not embarrassing or a sign of weakness to shake.  The workout also incorporates low weights, resistance bands, and a small exercise ball that we’ll use for certain exercises for balance or extra resistance.  It’s 100% the best workout I’ve ever done and I started seeing results after a few classes (not even kidding).  I mentioned last week, what I’m not loving is I’m starting to see my thighs bulk up a bit, but I love the definition I’m seeing in my arms (always has been a hard one for me), and I feel stronger than I’ve ever been.  I just did my first full set of diamond pushups (on all fours) and couldn’t believe that just 6 months ago, I could barely do one pushup on my knees.

I’m starting to pick out gifts for my bridesmaids and would love to get them jewelry that they can wear for my wedding but would also want to wear after!  Any suggestions on what jewelry brands to look at?

I love that idea!  A few brands I love for everyday jewelry that can always be worn to dress up a look are Kendra Scott, Gorjana, BaubleBar, and Wanderlust & Co.

You always have the best nude lip colors!  What are your favorites for day/night?

Lipstick for me is definitely a MUST — my skin is so fair that if I’m not wearing anything, I seriously look like a corpse.  I did a fall lip color post back in the fall with every color I’m loving right now (including some darker shades) but for nude colors, the below colors are definitely my favorites.

My favorite liner is Bare Minerals Gen Nude in ‘On Point’ and love Bare Minerals Gen Nude lipsticks in ‘Honeybun’ & ‘Tutu’ and these Gen Nude liquid lipsticks are also a favorite!  If you’re on a beauty budget or just want a few less expensive options to stash in every purse,  L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss is under $8 – ‘Nude Allure’ and ‘Statement Nude’ are my two favorite shades.  For darker, more nighttime nudes,  Urban Decay ‘Carnal’ – is a richer nude with a matte texture, and I love the darker nudes from the M.A.C Liptensity set – ‘Marsala’ or Cordovan’ are my go-to colors.

Victoria’s Secret no longer selling swimwear is sending me into a panic!  I have an upcoming trip next month to Mexico and don’t even know where to start looking for new swim suits!  HELP!

Don’t panic, there are so many swim brands out there — and you won’t have to worry about someone being in the same exact swimsuit!  I swear I would be at the beach and be able to point out the page of the VS catalog.  Anyone else feel me?!  Swim brands I’m loving at the moment are Red Carter, Marysia, and Mara Hoffman.  I’ve always loved Everything But Water because they carry every brand I love and we have a store 10 minutes from me, but their online selection is amazing (much better than the store)!

I just got a brand new work laptop and would love some suggestions for a bag to carry it in!  I need it to look professional but don’t want a typical laptop bag.

I still use my GiGi New York tote when I need to carry around my laptop (I got it back in 2012), so I would definitely recommend one of those!  If I need something smaller, I have this Longchamp tote that has a shoulder strap (a little different from the ones everyone buys in college).  If you’re looking to splurge, a lot of my friends have the Louis Vuitton Carry All tote and I’ve had a Goyard tote on my wishlist for years!

I love your cat!  Does she shed alot?

A lot is an understatement.  I’ve learned that black clothing will always have a layer of white fur on it (no matter how many lint rollers we keep stashed all over the house), and I’ll randomly find little white furballs tumble-weeding throughout the floor of the house!  She is the best though, so daily brushing and grooming is worth it!

What are some of your favorite trends right now?  Are you starting to get sick of any trends?

LOVE THIS QUESTION!  We’re kind of winding down the winter season — in fashion speak, not in temperature… there’s already spring clothing out!  A few leftover winter trends I’m still loving include velvet, fishnets, and layering turtlenecks.  I’ve actually been wearing fishnets (smaller and the wide pattern) under jeans so a little peeks out of the ankle and LOVE the look.  It’s also another layer of much needed warmth!  I’m definitely getting sick of oversized plaid blanket scarves — that’s honestly because I’m just sick of having to wear scarves in general!

For spring, I’m really excited about platforms sticking around (I love these sneakers and these wedges), raw ankle denim (obsessed with this pair), statement sleeves and belts, and embroidered details.  I’m starting to get a little tired of seeing so much off-the-shoulder everything… it’s been a trend that’s been around for years and feels a little overdone.  While I still love the look for tropical vacations, it’s difficult to find anything NOT off-the-shoulder right now.  I’m also starting to find the ripped to shreds denim trend a little tired too for similar reasons.

I always see your monogram but realized I didn’t know what R stood for?

My middle name is Rae (same as my mom’s middle name) and she was named after my grandpa and great grandpa!  I always tease my mom and tell her that she must have strategically planned our initials being the same 30 years ago (CRD) because she ended up with all my old monogrammed goodies after I got married and changed my name.  Nice one, Char!

If I didn’t get to your question, I promise to answer next week — I have a few saved already!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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