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We’re heading off to Cabo, Mexico later this week for a much needed break from this weather — I’m seriously counting the minutes until I can be in temperatures over 20 degrees.  You know how when you go to take any sort of time off — the week before is just miserable?  I’ve spent this weekend cramming everything I would have normally done the following week into just a few days — running around town like a crazy person, trying to get ahead on all my deadlines, over-planning for everything so that our travel days and week away is as smooth as possible.  I’m back with Philosophy today and used my favorite scent from their 6 piece shower gel collection to give myself a little break from all the planning — a little at-home spa day that let me escape and relax for just a few hours.  I think changing up your routine (even just for a bit) can do wonders for your mood and energy level, so I’m sharing how to take an hour (or two) for yourself!

1. Draw yourself a bath.

I don’t do this enough, and every time I do — I tell myself I’m going to do this more often.  A bath is one of the most relaxing things I can do for myself — I love having a little “me” time and catching up on a good book, listening to a podcast or one of my Spotify playlists.  When I want to feel pampered, I love sweet, soothing scents like Apricots and Cream from Philosophy — this multitasking formula is a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath (although I typically use it for just the latter), and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.  It’s like indulging without the calories!

2.  Light a candle.

I know we’re starting to sound real cheesy over here… but, in all seriousness, there’s something so powerful about simply lighting a candle.  I absolutely love this line — they burn up to 90 hours for the larger version and the smell is divine.

3.  Finally read that book.

I love to read — it’s honestly one of my favorite things to do.  I’m someone who can read a book in a day if I’m really into it, but I have to start it.  Since I’m always glued to a screen for both my work and personal life, reading a book that’s not a digital version and actually feeling paper feels like a treat.  I just started Big Little Lies this past weekend and will probably finish it on the plane before we even get to Cabo!

4.  Give yourself a mani/pedi.

I paint my nails all the time but I’m talking a spa-like manicure and pedicure.  I have an amazing nail kit and went through all the steps just like they do at the salon to prep for my trip and feel like a new person.

You can currently grab the 6 piece shower gel collection from Philosophy on QVC for only $72 including basil cucumber cooler, iced mint lemonade, chilled ginger tea, marzipan dream, apricots and cream, and fresh cream and mint!  It makes a perfect gift, too!

A huge thanks to Philosophy for sponsoring today’s post.

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