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Modere Liquid Collagen

$10 off with promo code: 4394715

Liquid Collagen is all the rage for a good reason — I started using this back in September and have seen such great results so far: new hair growth around my hairline, stronger nails that don’t split in the cold weather, increased skin moisture & better mobility and faster recovery when working out!  I take 2 tablespoons daily of LIFE Liquid Collagen and have my subscription on auto ship so I never run out!  I go with 2 bottles a month!

Equilibria CBD

15% off with code OHSOGLAMBLOG

I’ve been using Equilibria CBD consistently since last winter — when taken consistently, it really helps me get a solid night of sleep.  I also started using to help with mild anxiety — with all the curveballs 2020 has thrown at us, it helps naturally relax me and takes the edge off.  I take the gel caps at night (they are extended release) to help keep me asleep and the Daily Drops as needed when I’m feeling anxious.  They also have an amazing line of bath products like mineral soaks, CBD rollers & a new face and body serum!

Loopy Phone Case

10% off with code GLAM10

This phone case is life changing, I don’t know how I EVER went without it!  I’ve been using a Loopy since 2016 and make sure to place my order right away when I upgrade my phone, I NEVER want to be without one!  As someone who is on their phone (for work/for life 24/7), this little loop allows me to hold my phone comfortably when talking into the camera, for try-ons, for makeup tutorials… AND, it prevents me from dropping my phone!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

A splurge for sure, but since I like to look at it as cost per use and I sleep with it every single night, it’s WORTH IT!  Seriously, the two cats and my husband fight me over this thing — it’s THAT comfortable and soft.  I get relaxed just thinking about cozying up to it!

Vanity Planet Face Steamer

I not only use this steamer for at-home facials — seriously, so luxurious!  I also love keeping it on hand for a stuffy nose/chest congestion (hello, 2020)!  You can throw in a little essential oil into the cap and breathe in the steam for cold relief!  I love adding in a little Thieves essential oil when I’m feeling stuffed up or lavender when I want the full spa experience!

Bose Headphones

Most of us are WFH now and these noise cancelling headphones are essential to get the job done — my husband and I both loooove ours!  I love traveling with them as well and they pack up nicely in my carry-on!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

A kitchen splurge for sure, but an item you will have forever!  I love using my dutch oven for soups, stews, roasts, chili — it gets so much use during the wintertime!  If you want to try out a less expensive option, I’ve heard wonderful things about this Amazon dupe!

Tarte Juicy Lip Set

Code OHSOGLAM for 15% off anything Tarte

Is it a balm? A lipstick? A gloss? How about all three?! I love this set because the color options are great for the price point!  I always need color on my lips but also love to keep them hydrated without being sticky — this is the perfect lip product that does all of the above!

Artis Oval 7 Makeup Brush

Code OHSOGLAM30 for 30% off sitewide

The BEST makeup/foundation brush you will ever use… ever!  I’ve been using this brush for almost 2 years and was so excited to partner with Artis this year — they know how much of a fan I am of their products!  The compact bristles are designed to help you use less product (no more waste!) & also help your makeup go on with a flawless/airbrush look!  If you’re a beauty lover like me — YOU NEED one of these!

Under $25 Slippers

One of my favorite Amazon finds EVER, these memory foam slippers are SUCH a great price, you’re going to want to buy a pair for yourself in every color and one for everyone you know!  So many of my girlfriends are hooked on them as well and LIVE IN THEM!

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