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Best of 2020 & What YOU Loved Most

Best of 2020 Oh So Glam

These roundup posts are always SO fun for me to put together because I love to reflect.  To say 2019 was quite different than this list would be an understatement… GUCCI TIGHTS were my number one seller last year.  Yup, I’ll say that again.  Gucci… TIGHTS.  $100+ designer tights.  It’s almost unreal to say.  Things have changed drastically in every part of our lives since the good old days of wearing labels on our legs and this year, we became quite practical gals.  Pushed to the back burner were our usual items for travel (packing cubes were a close second for 2018 and 2019), wedding guest dresses and overall event makeup, HEELS, oh, and things like… sequin dresses, belt bags and cutout swimwear for those tropical destinations.  This year, we loved ourselves some slippers, some skincare, and some wine glasses… if those don’t scream QUARANTINE MUST-HAVES, I really don’t know what does!

Oh So Glam Top Sellers 2020

Coin Necklace: I wear this every single day and literally get asked about it every single day!  It’s such a gorgeous staple piece for under $60 that looks gorgeous layered with just about any other necklace!

Slippers: One of my favorite Amazon finds EVER, these memory foam slippers are SUCH a great price, you’re going to want to buy a pair for yourself in every color and one for everyone you know!  So many of my girlfriends are hooked on them as well and LIVE IN THEM!

Bralette:  Aggressive that I own this bralette in 5 colors?!  I don’t think so! 😉 I wear one of these every single day.  I love how comfortable they are while providing support + they are seamless and smooth everything out.  Perfect for tighter fitting bodysuits!

Set of 5 Masks:  Do we even need an explanation here?

Birkenstocks: These were the hit of the summer, a top seller week after week!  I love how easy these are to slide on and off, they are super comfortable and perfect for summer when you don’t want to be in a fuzzy slipper!

Hiking Boots: Another practical shoe option, these FLEW off the shelves when I posted this Walmart find — they were just $25! They’ve sold out since (for good reason) but I found a similar option HERE!

Sherpa Fleece: Cozywear dominated this year and this Sherpa was a huge hit since I began posting it in the fall!

Spanx: I don’t think I’ve EVER worn my faux leather leggings as much as I have this past year!  You girls LOVED them too and grabbed them anytime they were on sale!

Seamless Bodysuits: These are EVERYTHING — probably one of my most worn pieces all year!  They are perfect to layer and I just love the seamless style — I have all 3 colors!

Reebok Classic Sneakers: You girls love the sneaker trend just as much as I do and you’ve loved these affordable sneakers since I started wearing them back in 2018 — they’ve made the roundup the last 3 years!

Oh So Glam Top Sellers 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer: I’m adding this to the list because it’s my favorite beauty addition of 2020.  There’s something magical about this bronzer (maybe it’s the hyaluronic acid) but it makes your complexion look FLAWLESS and healthy and I’ve actually felt comfortable enough to wear less makeup because of it!

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks: By far one of YOUR top beauty buys, these make creating a smokey eye an absolute BREEZE and something you can achieve in under 2 minutes! You can watch the tutorial HERE!

Billie Razor: I not only love the razor, but I actually think I love the ease of having blades show up to my doorstep monthly without me even having to think about it!

Elemis Skincare: The cleansing balm is a top seller for the second year in a row (it was included in so many sales again too) but I also started using the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Night Cream this past year and LOVE them both!

Oval 7 Foundation Brush: The BEST makeup/foundation brush you will ever use… ever!  I’ve been using this brush for almost 2 years and was so excited to partner with Artis this year — they know how much of a fan I am of their products!  The compact bristles are designed to help you use less product (no more waste!) & also help your makeup go on with a flawless/airbrush look!  If you’re a beauty lover like me — YOU NEED one of these!

It Cosmetics CC Cream: Obsessed with this product is an understatement.  A little goes a long way so the bottle lasts forever!  Plus, I love having SPF included so you can throw it on and GO!

R&F Brow Defining Boost: I got to try this product out early and it’s made a lasting mark on my beauty routine! Not only does it help define brows like a gel, but it uses the same technology as Lash Boost, so it’s actually helping to thicken brows over time!

Dyson Hair Dryer: Still a staple in my hair routine and going strong since 2017! My full review of the product has been a top blog post for the last 2+ years!

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic: One of my favorite skincare products OF ALL TIME, it’s been another top seller year after year!

Face Steamer: I not only use this steamer for at-home facials — seriously, so luxurious!  I also love keeping it on hand for a stuffy nose/chest congestion (hello, 2020)!  You can throw in a little essential oil into the cap and breathe in the steam for cold relief!  I love adding in a little Thieves essential oil when I’m feeling stuffed up or lavender when I want the full spa experience!

T3 Wand Set: I still love this wand set so much, I love how each barrel smoothes the hair while creating an effortless looking curl/wave!

Oh So Glam Top Sellers 2020

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: A splurge for sure, but since I like to look at it as cost per use and I sleep with it every single night, it’s WORTH IT!  Seriously, the two cats and my husband fight me over this thing — it’s THAT comfortable and soft.  I get relaxed just thinking about cozying up to it!  You can also get one on sale for under $60 (it’s just a little smaller in size)!

Yeti dupe: I grabbed this on Amazon earlier this year (my Yeti was in need of replacing after I LOST IT and I didn’t feel like spending the money again).  I was so impressed with the quality for the price point — plus, it comes in so many colors and it’s a great gift idea!  I have two — one for water and one for iced coffee!

Wine Glasses: I have to give my husband credit for this purchase, but I get asked about them EVERY SINGLE TIME I have a glass of wine visible on stories!  Pricey for sure, but the quality is unmatched and we’ve had them for YEARS without needing to replace one.  They are even durable enough to go in the dishwasher!

Silk Pillowcase: I’ve been hooked on these silk eye masks for YEARS, but I added the real deal pillow case to our bedding this year and it’s made such a difference for both my skin and my hair!  Not only does it help with wrinkles (it’s most softer on the skin), but it helps keep your expensive skincare products ON YOUR FACE while sleeping and also helps keep my head from sweating (cleaner hair with less touchups needed).

Dutch Oven: A kitchen splurge, but an item you will have forever!  I love using my dutch oven for soups, stews, roasts, chili — it gets so much use during the wintertime!  If you want to try out a less expensive option, I’ve heard wonderful things about this Amazon dupe!

CBD: I’ve been using Equilibria CBD consistently since last winter — when taken consistently, it really helps me get a solid night of sleep.  I also started using to help with mild anxiety — with all the curveballs 2020 has thrown at us, it helps naturally relax me and takes the edge off.  I take the gel caps at night (they are extended release) to help keep me asleep and the Daily Drops as needed when I’m feeling anxious.  They also have an amazing line of bath products like mineral soaks, CBD rollers & a new face and body serum!

Liquid Collagen is all the rage for a good reason — I started using this back in September and have seen such great results so far: new hair growth around my hairline, stronger nails that don’t split in the cold weather, increased skin moisture & better mobility and faster recovery when working out!  I take 2 tablespoons daily of LIFE Liquid Collagen and have my subscription on auto ship so I never run out!  I go with 2 bottles a month! $10 off with promo code: 4394715


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