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How to Make Your Master Bedroom Feel More Luxurious

A huge thanks to Raymour & Flanigan for sponsoring today’s post.

French Country Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom was a project we had been waiting to tackle since moving into our house last year and it is still very much a work in progress.  My husband and I both knew we needed some larger pieces to help fit the space better and turned to our friends over at Raymour & Flanigan to get us started — they always have an amazing selection to choose both in-store and online and have an array of different price points for any budget.  We’ve worked with Raymour & Flanigan a few different times over the last several years, revealing our guest bedroom in the new house with them last summer, and some room reveals from our old house (pieces you’ll recognize since we have loved them so much, they made their way into the new house).

We knew we wanted to make our master bedroom feel luxurious, serene, and a place we would both want to retreat to, and wanted to take inspiration from traveling and hotel rooms we have loved staying at over the years.  I had always been particularly drawn to French Country styles, and traveling to both Paris and the South of France only furthered my love and clarified the direction for our future space.  While doing some browsing on the Raymour & Flanigan site, we both immediately spotted this beautiful four-post bed with optional canopy along with this oversized chest dresser and nightstands and KNEW we wanted to base the rest of the room style off of — it was absolutely perfect for the space and a perfect mix of classic and modern, had old-world charm with a hint of glam… and we really felt like it went with the overall vibe of our house.  The details on this set are beyond beautiful — everything from the weathered oak wood, to the gentle shape and simple lines make it so elegant but bold.  We’re still working on some finishing details and some decor items are still backordered, but we’re REALLY close to being done and it’s the master bedroom I’ve always dreamed of.  I will be sharing a full reveal when everything arrives, probably in early 2021!

Canopy Bed Master Bedroom

All of this really got me thinking — since we’re all spending so much time at home, and traveling is very limited at the moment (and the near future), our bedrooms are our sanctuaries now more than ever.  Whether you are doing a full-on room re-do, or just in the mood for a little refresh…

Here are Some Tips to Make Your Master Bedroom Feel More Luxurious

Focus on the statement pieces.  That could be a bold bed frame, a gilded mirror, a big dresser, a chandelier, or a beautiful accent chair.  Whatever those pieces are, let those do the talking and keep everything else more simple.  For us, adding a canopy bed was a no-brainer due to the space and high ceilings, so we let that be the main focus and worked everything else around it.  If you’re looking for a statement bed, Raymour and Flangian has so many beautiful pieces to choose from — I love those romantic, tall tufted styles or more modern solid wood styles to really draw attention!

Add a rug.  Anytime I add a rug to space, it instantly feels more luxurious!  Even if you have carpet, layering an area rug on top can really update your space and make it feel new.  I love soft, muted colors for a more peaceful and relaxing vibe, but I always look for a mix of tones so I can play off a few different colors for the rest of the decor.

French Country Bedroom Ideas

Play around with textures.  Since we mainly stick to neutrals in our house, textures are so important to keep the spaces from looking sterile.  This applies to our bedroom as well and I have some go-to’s.  Adding soft fabrics like velvet bedding or velvet accent pieces like a corner chair or toss pillow, flax linen for drapes and quilts, cozy knit throw blankets, faux fur accent rugs, and lucite accessories really elevate the space and keep it from feeling flat.

Ample storage is essential.  This was a big one for us as I can fall trap to clutter if there isn’t a home for my things and there is NOTHING luxurious about clutter.  We knew we wanted deep drawers to keep laundry from piling up on top of the furniture so having this dresser and matching nightstands was a huge upgrade for us.  Since we are lucky enough to have the space, I wanted REAL storage in our nightstands as well to prevent the same clutter from happening bedside.  Now, my headphones, sleep masks, chargers and remotes, essential oils, hair clips, etc. ALL LIVE IN THE DRAWERS.  Raymour and Flanigan had the bed, dresser and nightstand as a set, and we were able to add an additional nightstand so we both have the same storage on each side!  We both agree we’re so much more at ease knowing all the things we would need to reach for are right there, but not in plain view.  Stay gone, clutter!

Velvet Quilt Bedding Pottery Barn

Dress the bed.  Upgrading bedding every once in a while can completely change the feel of a bedroom.  I’m all about layers and love to keep the main bedding simple, swapping out the accessories seasonally.  To help give a hotel vibe, start with plain sheets, a thin quilt and a simple duvet cover.  Fold down the duvet half way down and layer a thicker quilt or oversized blanket at the bottom to drape across.  Next, BRING ON THE PILLOWS and layer them towards the top!

Lighting is everything.  If possible, overhead lighting is best to set the scene and adding a statement light above the bed can really dress up the space and give instant character.  We instantly fell in love with this chandelier that was here when we bought the house and knew that would be one of our statement pieces (see above for tip #1).  If no overhead lighting is possible, make sure to add ample lighting with lamps bedside and throughout the room.  Switching out the light switches for dimmers also does WONDERS for a luxurious vibe.  Another tip?  Adding mirrors strategically throughout the room can also help with lighting as it bounces the light and will make the room look bigger both at night and during the day in natural lighting.

French Country Bedroom Ideas

Bernhardt Auberge Bedroom
Samsung Frame TV Bedroom

We have been so impressed by the quality of the bed set from Raymour and Flanigan and know we will have our bedroom for years and years.  The ordering process was so easy and I love that the team came and delivered the furniture and placed it in our room where we wanted it — we didn’t have to lift a finger and there was NO LEFTOVER CARDBOARD BOXES TO BREAK DOWN!  No wonder they are always one of the first stops on our list when looking for quality pieces for the home that will last!

Bernhardt Auberge Bedroom


Bed, dresser and nightstand c/o Raymour and Flanigan

All other decor/bedding (and similar items) can be found HERE

Can’t wait to share more home content with you all soon!


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