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My (Updated) Morning Skincare Routine

Oh So Glam Morning Skincare Routine

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I’ve owed you all an updated skincare routine since it’s been about 2 years since I’ve shared it on the blog.  Not a TON has changed in terms of core products, but I’ve added a few new things and replaced a few with newer products after trying them out for an extended period of time!  I’m going to break this out into two separate posts to make it easier to digest — today I will be sharing my DAYTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE and I’ll feature my nighttime skincare routine soon!

My most important piece of advice when it comes to skincare is: learn your skin and listen to what it needs.  I evaluate my skin on a day-to-day basis and try to give it only what I think it needs.  Some days, that’s absolutely nothing and I’ll give it a complete break, and sometimes, it’s a roster of products.  With all that said, this is what I do on most days which takes under 5 minutes.


I’ve spoken about this several times over the last year or two, but since I decided to cut out RE-WASHING my face in the mornings, it’s been a complete game changer.  I go through an extensive nighttime skincare routine which includes washing every bit of makeup off my face, so there’s absolutely no need for me to re-wash the next morning.  I found that when doing so, I was stripping away any moisture, my skin was extremely dry and dull, which was leading to my skin overcompensating and producing oil, which was leading to breakouts.  On the advice of my esthetician, I cut down to only rinsing my face with warm water in the mornings and it’s made a huge difference in my overall skin clarity.  I’ll then pat dry with a clean face towel.


Since I’m not washing my face, but I still want to feel fresh, I love using a toner with a cotton pad instead.  Toner can help remove any grime/grit from sweating overnight and leaves my skin feeling super clean and refreshed, without feeling stripped or dried out.  I tend to fluctuate between two toners, just depending on what my skin is feeling like that particular morning.  I love goop G.TOX on days my skin is feeling clogged, I feel a breakout coming on, or when I’ve overindulged on dinner/wine the night before.  When my skin is feeling dry (especially in the winter time), I love using Dr.Organic Rose Facial Toner which has hydrating rose and aloe vera to soothe my skin.


Now comes the holy grail product I’ve been using for 5+ years.  My favorite SkinCeuticals product EVER made and in my opinion, worth absolutely EVERY penny.  I apply a few drops of SkinCeuticals C.E. Ferulic to my skin by pressing it into my face and neck with my fingers.  Vitamin C serums helps to lighten fine lines and brightens the skin’s overall complexion.  I began to notice the difference this daytime serum was making on my face after just DAYS of use years ago, and 100% notice the difference when I go a few days without it.  It helps a ton with the tone and texture of my skin and lightens any post acne marks left behind by breakouts.  This one product is why I feel I can go face makeup free most days.  I never EVER had the confidence to do that before this product.


I’ve never really been married to any particular daytime eye cream and this tends be the product I play around with the most.  Right now, I’ve been using Drunk Elephant’s C-Tango Eye Cream and I like the way it hydrates, helps smooth lines and wrinkles and most importantly for daytime — the way it feels under my makeup.   Another daytime eye cream that I love (and that’s a great budget friendly option) is Olay Brightening Eye Cream (which is great for days I have dark circles).


I make a little concoction of moisturizer and bronzer to make a tinted moisturizer of my own.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with Elemis Pro Collagen Daytime Moisturizer — seriously, I don’t know what I was doing with my life before this stuff.  It’s an anti-aging moisturizer that goes on like butter, smells absolutely divine, and plays so nicely with my foundation (when I choose to wear some).  To give it a little boost of color (for super pale days or makeup free days), I add in a drop of Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Sunshine Drops.  These drops give an instant glow without the sun and the color looks so natural.  I love that you can add as much as you need depending on the day.


There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t put SPF on my face.  Even on days when I know I’m staying indoors.  I recently tried out this Rodan & Fields RECHARGE SPF Primer and I am HOOKED.  Not only does it provide sun protection (SPF 30) without a greasy feeling, it also acts as an incredible base for makeup, as it smoothes and blurs the skin.



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    February 2, 2020 at 6:07 am

    I have been wanting to start a skincare routine of my own but somehow i always end up confused in what all steps to follow. Your guide towards the sequence to be followed is good and seems beneficial.

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