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Trend Edit: Patterned Tights

Gucci GG Tights

Dress (similar, less expensive style HERE) | Gucci Tights | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses

OMG, it’s been a while since we’ve rounded up a TREND EDIT over here… let’s be honest, probably because I’ve been living in sherpas as the temp continues to drop and wearing real clothes has been few and far between.  But, we’re BACK and rounding up one of the biggest trends of the moment right now (and actually functional) — patterned tights!  Black tights and sheer tights are a wardrobe staple and would never be considered a trend in my book, but patterned tights have come in and out of focus over the last decade and are really making a comeback in 2020.  Sure, there are plenty of designer pair out there — including these Gucci GG tights that were literally the NUMBER ONE PURCHASED ITEM in 2019 from you guys (still can’t get over that fun fact) — but there are also plenty that don’t break the bank!  I’m rounding up my favorite styles from the pack all ranging from $10-$110!  They make even the most simple outfits look a little more elevated, but don’t be afraid to mix them in with other textures — like I’m wearing here with this tweed dress.  Look for lace styles or anything netted!  Polka dots are also a fun pattern that looks super feminine and chic!


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