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House Tour: Patio Reveal

Teak Furniture Patio

Creating an outdoor space we could actually live in was a top priority for us when moving into our house so I’m so excited to reveal our patio to you all!  We started working on this space as soon as it warmed up last year but put the final touches on it this season, and we have been spending every waking (non-raining) second out here!

Outdoor Pergola

Our patio is technically on the side of our yard, right off our newly renovated kitchen and easily accessible.  We both instantly fell in love with the very indoor/outdoor vibe which feels very contemporary, but loved that it had a lot of charming features.  One of the most common questions I get is about this beautiful pergola — it was already established and lush when we bought the house, and has wisteria wrapped around the pillars and a working lantern underneath.  We immediately imagined a long wood dining table where we could have dinner and entertain and take in the valley views.  After going table-free last year, we ended up ordering this teak dining table from Patio Productions earlier this year — an outdoor teak company that creates furniture for hotels and commercial use.  We had to call to place the order and it took about a month to arrive, but we are so happy with the outcome.  Teak is most definitely an investment but can handle the rough New England weather and ages beautifully over time — its definitely the reason most boats have teak throughout, it really holds up.  We knew the table would be a piece we would have for years, and figured we could always swap out the chairs when needed to give it a fresh feel or change the aesthetic.  Speaking of the chairs, I had been on the hunt for these bistro style chairs and mostly everything was on backorder this year due to Covid and shipping.  I stumbled upon Article — not only were these chairs significantly less than their competitors but it said we could have them within a week.  I was wary but took a shot and ordered them and they were sitting under the pergola within 3 days!  Ummm, WHAT?  I was in shock to say the least!  The customer service was amazing too — when I saw they went on sale a few weeks later, they immediately credited my account, no questions asked!  After a ton of bad furniture experiences — this one really stood out to me and we’ll definitely be ordering from Article again!  Unfortunately, the chairs aren’t completely weatherproof and are made of rattan and bamboo (instead of plastic like some) — they are for covered outdoor use (which works for us since they are under the pergola).  When we know we’re having a bad storm with wind and sideways rain, we bring them inside (we did order a table/chairs cover that just hasn’t come in yet).  I accessorized this space with this beautiful tray and flower market bucket from Mackenzie Childs — absolutely love this print and collection and love the garden vibes.

Teak Table and Bistro Chairs
Mackenzie Childs Flower Market Tray

Outdoor Dining Table Under Pergola

Pergola with Lantern
Mackenzie Childs Flower Market Bucket

Safavieh Lounge Chairs

Moving onto the seating area — you guys have seen our sofas and fire pit table so much, you’re probably sick of them!  These were the first pieces we added to the patio last year — while our kitchen and family room were under construction last summer, this place became our sanctuary.  This sofa, loveseat and chair sold us on teak and it is SO well made — they all come separately so you can mix and match what will fit in your space.  The cushions are super comfortable and I end up falling asleep out here all the time.  The sofas have a bit of a lower rise, so the furniture takes on a more lounge-y feel, but they are nice and deep and sturdy.  I seriously cannot recommend these pieces enough — and they are on major sale right now!  To keep them protected, I recommend these patio covers which fit perfectly over — we keep them covered when not in use and only leave them uncovered when there’s ZERO percent chance of precipitation!  And, although the white cushions may look intimidating — a little Folex removes any and all stains and a fabric spray helps keep them fresh!

Teak Patio Furniture

Teak Outdoor Furniture
Patio Inspiration

French Country Patio Inspo

Our firepit was from a local patio place in Avon, CT last year, but I found the exact style online.  What I love about this particular style (since there are many similar/less expensive styles now this season) is the glass around it.  I get asked about the glass ALL THE TIME.  You can order this directly from Brown Jordan (the manufacturer) and I highly recommend it — it helps keep the fire contained allowing you to use the table for drinks, etc.  I also think it just gives it a higher end vibe.  The firepit comes with a propane cover (which is what we use as the end table) and each tank lasts us about 8 hours.  We spend so much time out there that we were going through propane tanks so fast — so we actually added a natural gas line out to our patio and will be hooking up the firepit to that so it can run freely without having to swap out the tanks.  It’s currently hooked up to our grill as well!

New to the seating area this year are these two lounge chairs.  When Covid hit and we knew ALL of our travel plans were cancelled for the foreseeable future and we knew we would be home more than ever this summer — I looked at Raj and said, “WE NEED LOUNGE CHAIRS LIKE YESTERDAY” — worried they would sell out instantly.  I swear we ended up with the last two chairs because as soon as we ordered, they went out of stock.  I specifically wanted this style with the wheel because the chairs needed to be able to move easily on and off the grass area where we keep them (first to mow the lawn, and second, you never want to keep furniture on wet grass like that).  I also love that they have a pop out table that can go to either side of the lounger — comes in such handy for drinks, sunglasses, phone, sunscreen… it’s genius!  We keep them facing our view for now — but hopefully someday soon, they’ll be facing a pool (hint, hint)!

Brown Jordan Firepit Table

Outdoor Patio Goldfish Pond
Outdoor Patio Pergola

Outdoor Goldfish Pond

The last feature of the patio is our little goldfish pond.  Funny background story on this — we first looked at this house around Thanksgiving time where we had unusually cold weather and closed on the house in January a few months later and we were already under snow.  We knew the little pond was there because of the listing but didn’t pay much attention to it.  When the patio finally began to thaw in APRIL — yes, almost 5 months after we saw the house for the first time, we noticed there were what I THOUGHT were a few fish in there.  I was in SHOCK that 1) we had inherited pets and 2) they even survived being under ICE for months.  When it thawed completely, I counted ELEVEN fish.  YES, ELEVEN.  We noticed both a pump and fountain were left in the garage as well as some fish food so I sprang into mom mode and they have become my little friends — they come to the surface when we see me outside because they know I’m the one who feeds them.  The water feature makes the patio so relaxing and the pond is close enough to the house where I can actually hear it from inside, and Mischa (our himalayan cat) can watch them from inside — I absolutely love it.  I just hate when it freezes over and I have to say goodbye to the fish for a few months in the winter time — they live under the ice and can survive without food… it’s so strange and amazing at the same time!

Connecticut Patio at Sunset

Thank you for coming on a little tour of one of our favorite spaces — we’ve been working so hard on #GLAMsweethome the last year and half and have so many more house tour posts coming your way, including the kitchen (it’s finally finished, we just added some light fixtures), PLUS our family room, and our master bedroom are all coming soon!

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    Chelsea Finn
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    Wow, your patio is so beautiful! I love it!

    xx Chelsea Finn

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    July 14, 2020 at 3:35 pm

    Wow! Amazing!

    Carina | https://carinazz.blogspot.com/

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    June 24, 2022 at 6:35 am

    Absolutely beautiful patio!

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    July 15, 2022 at 9:35 pm

    Hi! This is gorgeous! I’m curious about the dimensions of the patio. I’m trying to get an idea of how it compares to ours for furniture planning.

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