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Glow Habit Walmart Review

I’ve shared my beauty and skincare routine with you all so many times, but let’s talk about those routines from within.  I do my best to eat as healthy as possible, avoid dairy and processed foods, and stay active, but let’s face it… sometimes we need a little help!  In addition to taking a daily multivitamin, I had been taking a (very expensive) dose of blue bear gummies daily to help strengthen and grow my hair.  You know the ones you’ve seen all over Instagram for YEARS and just about every human on TV promotes?!  I liked them because they were vegan, tasted delicious (almost like a candy), were easy to remember to take (yum!) and actually seemed to do what they claimed — my hair was growing fast + felt healthy and hydrated!  I was hooked and got myself on the autoplan.  After noticing the bottle was dwindling faster than usual — a little investigating proved that my husband was sneaking some as well.  I realized I was going to be spending a small FORTUNE to keep up with both of us taking the $30 bottle, so I discontinued use and went on a search to find a less expensive alternative.

Enter, GLOW HABIT.  After a heavy amount of research and internet sleuthing, I stumbled across a new line of vegan gummies literally a third of the price as the other brand, and ordered them from Walmart.  I had no clue that it was actually Walmart’s NEW LINE of gummies that had recently launched to rave reviews — vegan vitamin gummies that contain NO gluten or soy and ZERO artificial flavors/sweeteners.  The under $10 bottle of Happy Hair contained the SAME ingredients as the previous brand I had been taking, at literally a third of the price!  I tested out the hair gummies first and was so happy with the results and my find, I scooped up the remaining lines to try them out!

Happy Hair.  Packed with biotin, vitamin E & C, and bamboo extract, these gummies are the real deal and help with overall hair and nail health!  I’ve noticed hair growth and strength and after taking a break from gel manis, my real nails feel strong and hard!  Since I use these daily (I take two at night), I opt for the larger bottle (containing 90 gummies) which is only $13 and lasts for 45 days!  Such a great value!

Sleep Well.  For occasional sleeplessness, these are melatonin gummies I take when I feel behind on sleep or feeling run down.  I take 2 of them and within 30 minutes, I’m usually out like a light and can sleep through the night.  I love these because they don’t make me feel groggy the next day at all.  I also make sure to take them with me when I’m traveling to help with sleeping and jet lag!

Good Skin.  Just like with my regular skincare routine, I try to listen to my skin and tailor my daily routine to what I feel like I’m needing!  These gummies are loaded with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C — both ingredients are amazing for your skin when applied topically, and can do wonders for your skin from within.  These help with hydration and skin texture, so I make sure to take them at night when my skin is feeling dry (usually on a cold night).  I’ve noticed my skin is doing much better this year overall and love having these on hand!

Probiotic.  While I try to get probiotics from the foods I eat, it’s not always possible, especially with me trying to avoid dairy.  Your body needs GOOD bacteria, so when I’m having a great dairy free run, I’ll pop two of these to help with my overall digestive health.  My husband actually loves this line the most and takes them daily!  I’ll be opting for the larger bottle next time we need a refill!

Glow Habit Gummies
Glow Habit Gummies Walmart

Glow Habit Review


I’m really interested to see where this new Glow Habit line is going to go — there’s now a Glow Habit hair line exclusively at Walmart!  I love that the Glow Habit line has cutting edge ingredients at an affordable price point — everyone should be able to have access to “good for you” ingredients without the filler junk, it shouldn’t be a luxury!  Check out more beauty from Walmart!





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