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My Secret to Beautiful Eyelashes and Eyebrows You NEED to Know About

A huge thanks to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost & Brow Defining Boost Review

It’s no secret that I love a good eyelash and eyebrow combo.  My everyday makeup routine consists of a little CC cream, filled in brows, a swipe of mascara and a pop on my lips and BOOM, I feel like a new woman.  I’m so excited to be partnering with Rodan + Fields today, I’ve been a long-time fan of the brand and have been using Lash Boost for about a year and half — it’s my (not so) secret weapon I use nightly to help with the appearance of longer and thicker lashes.  What IS a secret is that I’ve been testing out the new Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost and OH MY GOD, ladies — you are going to LOVE it.  I’ll be sharing more about BOTH products in today’s post!

Rodan + Fields Best Products

Let’s start with the lashes. 

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost is a cult favorite for good reason.  I’d been hearing amazing things about this eyelash serum and was coming off years of lash extensions and the hype piqued my interest.  Flashback to last year.  I was in The Bahamas for my best friend Jenn’s wedding and she asked me to do her makeup and bring along some faux eyelashes to add at the end for a little pop!  When I finished her makeup and went to pull out the eyelashes, I noticed how insanely full and long her own lashes appeared and I said, “I don’t even think you need these! I think you can full-on go with JUST mascara and call it a day… WHAT are you using on those lashes?!”  And, she told me:  LASH BOOST by Rodan + Fields.  I was pretty much sold and think I ordered it on the spot and have been using it religiously ever since.

Lash Boost features a proprietary formula and blend of ingredients designed to improve the appearance of lash length, thickness and volume —enhancing natural-looking lashes at any age. The innovative formula safely delivers visibly transformative results without a prescription and has been tested by Ophthalmologists to be gentle and safe for everyday use, even for contact lens wearers.

How I Use Lash Boost In My Beauty Routine

  1. I remove all makeup and complete my nightly skincare routine
  2. I make sure my eyelids and lashes are both completely dry
  3. I apply Lash Boost to the upper lash line only, dipping the brush into the serum once per eye (and wiping off any excess serum before applying)

*GLAM Beauty Tip:

I started using the Lash Boost serum once every few days at the beginning just to make sure I didn’t experience any eye irritation.  Once I felt comfortable, I began to use every single night for the first few months until I felt my lashes were in a good place: they appeared longer, thicker, and conditioned after not too long of use.  Now that I’m absolutely satisfied with their look — I apply 1-2x a week!  A bottle lasts me a good 6 months!

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review

Now, let’s chat brows.

I had been tagging Rodan + Fields in some of my Instagram beauty tutorials and was thrilled to get a chance to meet with their marketing team last year.  Since they knew my love for Lash Boost, they told me about Brow Defining Boost serum (which uses Lash Boost technology) that launched recently in 2020!  I got my hands on it a few months prior to launch and have been quietly testing it out, although, it’s been hard for me to not SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOP.  This is by far THE BEST brow product I’ve ever used, EVER.

Brow Defining Boost is not only an eyebrow serum.  It’s 4-in-1, lightweight tinted gel with fibers that increases the appearance of volume and fullness with buildable coverage instantly and over time for beautiful, defined, and natural-looking brows. Instantly, it naturally tints brows to enhance their color and shape. Used over time, the formula, which features Lash Boost Technology along with Cellulose Fibers and Castor Oil, helps boost the appearance of fuller, thicker and more defined brows.  The formula is flake-free, smudge-free and helps fill-in any sparse areas of the brow with an easy-to-use tapered brush.  It’s also buildable coverage, WHICH I LOVE.  I love being able to use the same product to achieve whatever makeup look I’m going for.  It comes in a variety of flexible shades and the color is so natural-looking and the fibers give the appearance of fuller, thicker, more-defined eyebrows.

Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost Before/After

How I Use Brow Defining Boost

  1. After my morning skincare routine, I’ll apply whatever makeup I’m going with that day.
  2. I dip the wand into the tinted gel (I use shade: Light) and wipe off any excess so not too much is on the applicator.
  3. With the precision tip, I outline the shape of my eyebrow, swiping across my arch for a straighter look and shaping my brow tail.
  4. I then use small strokes to fill in any gaps, turning the brush to the thicker part and brushes the brows upward to set into place.

*GLAM Beauty Tip:

Follow the brush pattern of in, up, and out as your work your way from the beginning to end of eyebrow for fuller shape.

For best over-time results, remember to use consistently/daily for the maximum effect of the appearance of fuller brows.

Rodan + Fields Review

Have you used either of these Rodan + Fields products before?  Would love to know your beauty thoughts!  You can shop for both of them below!

Rodan + Fields LAST BOOST | Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost

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