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My Top 5 Sunglasses in Rotation

Christina Tarabishy Sunglasses

I always get asked about my sunglasses — my number ONE go-to accessory.  I truly believe sunglasses complete the outfit and can make or break the look.  I rotate between a few tried and true favorites so I’m rounding them all up in one spot to be able to direct you anytime you ask!  As you can see, I am a tried and true Ray Ban girl at heart and most of my styles are classic, unisex, and a great price point for the quality.  I’m also obsessed with all the accessories — sunglass chains are all the rage right now and there are SO MANY styles that you can add to take your sunglasses up a notch!

Ray Ban Round :: I have to start with the pair I get asked about the most because they are the ones I wear the most.  I’ve had this round style for so long that I actually consider it my signature look and I feel naked without them!  I’ve lost a few and they have been replaced without a second thought, that’s how much I love them.  I’ve been wearing them consistently since 2014… talk about a classic!

Ray Ban Hexagon :: A little spin on my favorite style, these have a slightly more square shape and are a little more edgy than my classic round Ray Bans I wear all the time.  I got these a few years ago and ended up wearing them a lot more than I thought I would.

Ray Ban Double Bridge :: I instantly loved this style because they are another spin on my favorite pair.  The double bridge makes them a bit larger overall so these are actually my favorite pair of sunglasses to wear when out in the direct sun, they keep my eyes the most shaded without worrying about a weird sunglasses tan.  My husband actually loves these too and steals them quite frequently (and honestly they look better on him) 😉

Square Black :: I found this style before the masses did, but they are a great dupe for a pair of Celine sunglasses like 20x the price.  These are under $14 and you wouldn’t know by touching them — they are so sturdy and not at all flimsy like you would expect!

Tortoise Cat Eye :: According to most style guides, my heart shaped face looks best in cat eye sunglasses.  I’ve struggled to find a pair that feel like me, until I spotted this pair.  I love the tortoise print that feels a little more feminine and these are so comfortable to wear!  I was new to this brand until I got this pair but they have a lot of fun styles that are amazing quality!

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