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The Best Amazon Fashion Finds for Summer Under $100

Oh So Glam Amazon Fashion Summer Finds Under 100

If you’re not on the “obsessed with Amazon” bandwagon — are you even living?!  Amazon has been my go-to in just about every aspect of life, and over the last year, I’ve scored some really amazing deals with fashion items.  Amazon has really amped up their fashion department and there are SO MANY good things you can score on there right now — and PRIME to yourself in two days.  It’s seriously the best ever.

I’m rounding up some of my personal favorites for summer right now, and the best part?  All are under $100 and most are under $50.

One. Printed Kimono.  One of the most popular items I shared over the last year was this floral kimono from Splendid this past spring.  You girls LOVED it, and so many of you were asking about sale alerts so you could scoop it up for yourself, or “Splurge vs. Steal” options if the price point was still too high.  There are a TON of floral kimonos on Amazon, you can seriously take your pick… but, I love this one!  Lightweight and sheer, it’s the perfect piece for summertime.  Throw it over a swimsuit, or over a pair of denim shorts like she styled here.  It’s an item that travels well, and is always an option when you need something to cover your arms but don’t want to go the jacket route.

Two. Cat Eye Sunglasses.  I’ve learned my lesson after trial and error in the sunglasses department.  Your girl DOES NOT change up her sunglasses, and I’ve been stuck on the same pair for over 3 years.  When I’m itching to pull off something a little different to change up the look of an outfit, I reach for some of my under $10 pairs for fun.  I’m no longer spending money on designer shades that I don’t and won’t wear… and Amazon has SO MANY styles that look like they would be over $100 (at least).  When I pull out these shades, everyone always assumes they are designer and my answer, “NOPE — Amazon, under $8!”  I also bought them in black!

Three. Classic White Button Down.  I preach about these button downs ALL THE  TIME.  You need one, and I promise you — it’ll be worth it.  When my brain isn’t working and I just need to reach for something easy, the white button down NEVER disappoints.  It instantly makes you look polished and like you give somewhat of AF, plus, doubles as another layer if you wear it unbuttoned and can go over a dress, over a swimsuit, or over a bodysuit.

Four. Statement Straw Hat. Want that perfect Instagrammable accessory?!  Grab yourself a straw hat with some sort of sassy statement on it.  Rosé all day?  Yes please.  Or how about… Resting Beach Face, or maybe even Talk to the Sand.  There’s even a few BRIDE options for your honeymoon (or to throw in a gift bag for your bride-to-be friend).  Oh, and did I mention they are all under $20?!

Five. Designer Dupe Chloé Nile Bag. I just HAD to see what all the fuss was about with these Amazon designer dupes, so I was the guinea pig and ordered myself a few to test out.  Guess what?!  Everyone straight up thinks this is a Chloé bag.  If you can’t swallow the expensive designer price tag, Amazon definitely has a few generously inspired items that can give you the look you love for a lot less.  This is one of them!

Six. Designer Dupe Valentino Rockstud Sandals.  I have the real deal version of these while a few blogger friends have the inspired version.  I’m sad (for me) to report that they are identical in just about every single way.  Save yourself a pretty penny and order this pair instead.  I’m about to order every single other color.

Seven. Floral Headband. When I started featuring headbands on my trip to The Bahamas, you girls were going CRAZY for them.  I don’t think I ever received as many DMs as I did back in March — all asking about headbands.  I’ve been wanting to add a few more to my collection, but am not paying $20 a pop, so I of course turned to Amazon and found this SET OF FOUR for under $10.

Eight. Bamboo Clutch.  The “it” bag from the last few years just keeps going UP in cost.  I paid $98 for mine back in late 2016, and it’s somehow $170 now.  Supply and demand my friends.  Amazon has a TON of options for this bag if you’re still loving it and haven’t made the splurge.  It’s SUCH a fun bag to wear out — you’ll get comments and compliments from everyone and it is the definition of a statement bag.

Nine. Lace Midi Dress.  Here is where I start to love Amazon more than my family (not really, but go with me).  Are you in need of something like YESTERDAY?  Maybe you forgot you have an event coming up this weekend or were last minute invited to something and have nothing to wear.  Prime yourself a dress.  I love this classic midi option (that comes in a bunch of colors).  Perfect for a summer wedding or any work event.

Ten. Straw Circle Bag. One of my personal BEST BUYS of 2018 — this straw circle bag.  I ordered it on a whim and was almost mad at myself when I did.  I already had a few straw bags and was a little worried it wouldn’t get much use.  I was WRONG.  I am OBSESSED with this bag.  I wear it everywhere.  It’s durable, and feels nice to bring something out where I wouldn’t be devastated if it got ruined by some summer issue — sand, rain, sun, BBQ sauce (lol), etc.

Eleven. Scalloped One Piece Swim.  Scalloped swimwear is still a big trend and you can find many designer inspired styles now (and don’t have to be forced to pay the $300+ price tag).  I love this style — it’s very similar to one I splurged on last summer!  I will preface by saying — most of the time, you’re paying for the SUPPORT and MATERIAL when it comes to designer swimwear.  Going the cheaper route might mean see-through material, not as much “good” support in the bust area, and sure as hell nothing sucking you in and keeping you in place.  But, it definitely gives the look and can be a fun option if you’re looking for something you’ll wear a few times!

What are some of your best Amazon Fashion finds!?  I’ll be sharing a guide similar to this each season! 🙂

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    June 7, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    I am LOVING these finds! I will definitely have to get those valentino dupes!

    xo, Carey

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