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5 Accessories I Can’t Wait to Wear at NYFW

Well, this summer truly did FLY BY.  Here I am, in early September, packing up for my 11th season of NYFW.  It feels like I was just kicking off summer in Nashville during MDW, but here we are.  For the second time (out of the last 5 years), it actually seems like the weather will be on our side.  We’re usually dealing with either torrential downpour OR compete muggy/sticky weather… but it’s shaping up to be a pretty gorgeous week in New York!  It makes it easy to bring out early fall fashion with this type of weather and I’m excited to be breaking out some accessories I’ve been waiting to!  I’m rounding up 5 accessories I’m excited about wearing this week and sharing a peek into my suitcase!  I’m currently en route to New York as you read this (if you’re an early riser), so make sure to follow along with me on Instagram.

And get a look at what I packed HERE and click on the New York Fashion Week button to shop my wardrobe all week long!


I was seriously thinking it would be too hot and humid (per usual) this September but the high 60 and 70 degree forecast just might let me pull out these babies this season!  I wore these last winter and the trend is bigger than ever now — a little mod and a little edgy, these boots can be worn with skirts and dresses (while acting as a statement), or under boyfriend or cropped/flared denim.


I’ve talked about this belt here before — I first saw it when we were on our honeymoon in Italy early last summer and wanted it ever since (as I did with just about every piece in Gucci last summer).  Flash forward to me hunting it down for 6 months — I finally found it in my size about a month ago (and a thinner version which I actually LOVE a lot more).  It’s the perfect little accessory to add a little shape to dresses — I’ll be wearing it with this gingham dress this week!


I’m such a hat lover and while I normally gravitate toward wider brimmed hats, I absolutely love the captain’s hat trend that’s all over the place right now!  Again, this was something I thought it would be too hot to wear — but I can’t wait to pull it out with a few outfits this week!


I always bring a few pair of heels to NYFW and then end up giving up halfway through.  These platforms will be my lifesaver later on in the weekend when my legs and feet need a much needed break.


I’ve been very into the hoop trend since last September but my love for them has grown in size — I started with the smallest hoops and have worked my way up to full 90’s hoops and I’m officially hooked.


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    September 6, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Need those black boots!

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    September 6, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Oh yes, the captain’s hat and hoop earrings are soooo in trend right now and you will rock them on NYFW no doubt!


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