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I get so many emails, tweets and Snapchat questions asking about hair care, and since it’s been quite some time since I rounded up some favorites, I thought today was the perfect day to do so!

It’s already been 8 whole months since I chopped about 7 inches off my hair and I gradually started lightening it in November.  With those two changes, I changed up my hair care routine quite a bit and wanted to share my favorite products and tools that help give me that hair flip above.

Kerastase Hair ProductsKeratin Comlex Blondeshell

For shampoo and conditioner, I switch up between these two color care combinations.  It might be just me, but I swear my hair does better when it’s constantly surprised, so I alternate between the Kérastase color protector system and the Keratin Complex Blondeshell when I wash my hair.  I try as hard as I can to go at least 3 days in between washes and feel that really helps my hair manage the inevitable breakage that’s bound to come with balayage hair coloring and the constant curling wand.

I have to rave about two other things that I’ve recently added to my hair care routine.  This de-tangling brush is so amazing that I’m honestly stumped on how I lived so long without it!  One of my girlfriends had it in her beach bag on our trip to Mexico and it even de-tangled my salty, sandy beach hair!  I knew I had to pick one up immediately when I got back and have been using it ever since!  I even found this exact one in leopard here!  Before blow drying, I use a little bit of this Kérastase heat protector, working the product in from my ears to my ends.  Before using this, my ends were feeling fried and this has really helped make them soft again!

Oh So Glam Hair Care Kerastase Hair ProductsAlterna Caviar Anti Aging Dry Shampoo

I’ve been a curling wand fan since before I even started the blog and it’s given me my soft curls that I constantly get asked about!  Since cutting my hair, I actually went up a barrel size with my 5-in-1 NuMe wand and now use the 1.25″ size to give me looser curls.  I love that for the price, you get 5 different extensions with the NuMe 5-in-1 wand system for the same cost as one.  I’ve used the 1-inch wand when I want tighter curls and the pearl extension for beachy waves!

I’m not too huge on using a ton of products in my hair but will use the occasional texture spray or light-hold hairspray when needed.  These two gems from Kérastase are beyond favorites and perfect for my fine hair.  I use this texture spray on day-two of my wash, just when I need a little volume or after running the curling wand over some of the pieces that had fallen from the day before.  It really helps break up the curls and give it a more “piecey” look.  This hairspray is the only one I’ll let touch my head.  I have a weird thing with hairspray and cannot stand the feeling it gives my hair, it instantly makes it feel dirty even if its just been washed!  This Kérastase hairspray is really fine and gives such a light hold, with the most amazing smell ever.  I actually use it a lot in the winter when my hair is static-central.  It’s really great for flyaways too!

For day three hair, I usually require some sort of dry shampoo.  My all-time favorite is Alterna Caviar powder and I’ve been using it for years!  I also love this Rusk spray (the smell of this one is straight out of heaven) and the price tag on this one is usually under $15!

Kerastase Hair Products

If you have any other questions you want me to answer, leave them in a comment below or send me a tweet or Snapchat!  I’ll be periodically doing Q&A’s on Snapchat, so let me know if you want anything covered!  Happy Friday and have a great holiday weekend!


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    March 25, 2016 at 11:39 am

    I do the same thing switching up my shampoo/conditioner combo – I can’t really explain it, but my hair feels healthier and softer whenever I’m switching it up (plus I like to tell myself it’s helping it grow faster, but that’s yet to be proven…)


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