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Need a gift for the man in your life? Hopefully, I’ve got you covered! I’m not going to even lie, I had some help from Mr. Glam himself… so these are picks straight from another guy.  I’m very fortunate to have a man with an amazing sense of style (which you’ll actually be seeing on the blog a lot more next year in a new series).  Raj has a lot of these items and gave them a stamp of approval.  I gave him this Burberry wallet almost three years ago and he’s still using it to this day.  Speaking of other items I’ve gifted him, these Sorel snow boots are a must.  Snow boots aren’t exactly the most sexy gift to give someone, but when he’s out there shoveling three feet of snow… I know he’s thanking me on the inside. He’s also been enjoying some blogger benefits and has been sent gifts from Jack Black and Anthony, both skincare lines for men.  I added some of his new favorite products that come in great gift sets!  Some of his other personal favorites? These Tod’s loafers that he lives in for half the year and these new Tom Ford sunglasses. And, since Raj is a huge watch guy, this watch winder that doubles as a storage case obviously made the list.  If you’re looking for a high end watch for your man, make sure to contact Raja’s company, Luxe Time, and he’ll hunt down what you need!


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