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GLAM Trend Alert: Slides

One of the biggest summer shoe trends this season is the slide-on footbed sandal.  Say all you want, I’ve heard it all.  From, “They look like a Grandma shoe” to “No, actually, they look like a men’s locker room shower shoe” to “How did Birkenstock’s become stylish?” … I don’t care, this is hands down my favorite trend this season.  (Those comments were all from Raj by the way, but he’s forgiven.) It’s a blessing when fashion that is comfortable becomes stylish and even if they are only considered cool for the moment, I’m taking total advantage and everyone can pipe down.  The Birkenstock’s have come along way since I had them way back in elementary school and other brands have hopped on the footbed bandwagon and the styles are actually adorable!  Metallics, floral, gems… the footbed got a major glam makeover.  If you’re really not into the whole footbed look, there are some great slide sandal options, like this Madewell pair I have.

What do you all think of the trend?  I just featured the pair I picked up at Target for under $25 on my post yesterday!


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