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Goodbye Dry Skin

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Jelly Cream

Some of my winter favorites include insanely cozy flannel shirts, felt fedoras and faux fur vests!  The cold weather makes me want to bundle up in cozy layers, sip hot coco and binge watch a show on Netflix by the fire… but it also does a number on my skin every year.  I’m teaming up with Vaseline this winter to help heal that inevitable severe dry skin that comes with the harsh cold, wind and snow!

Winter Dry Skin Routine Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Jelly Cream Winter Beauty Routine Vaseline

I was already such a huge fan of Vaseline (the bottles of Spray & Go lotions lining my bathroom closet can attest to that) but I think this deep moisture jelly cream takes the cake!  I’ve been using it after getting out of the shower on areas that tend to get extra dry this time of year… my legs, knees, elbows and feet.  I’ve also been using it on my hands right before bed and have already noticed a difference!  It’s thick and rich, unscented, and a little goes a long way but that’s not even the best part… what I love most is how it moisturizes without feeling heavy or and doesn’t leave that greasy-feel after.  I’ll definitely be keeping this little gem in my skincare routine for the remainder of the winter!


A huge thanks to Vaseline for sponsoring today’s post.

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