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How to Shop Oh So Glam’s Instagram

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Hey everyone!  If you follow me on instagram (@OhSoGlamBlog), you may have seen that I’ve been tagging most of my images with LIKETK.IT (similar to this #liketkit www.liketk.it/bLHS @liketkit).  I wanted to take a moment to explain what this is, why I do it, and mostly importantly, WHY it is so amazing for you.  I post a ton of outfits on instagram, both that make the blog in official outfit photos, and some that are just my “ootd.”  I constantly get asked questions about what I’m wearing and where to buy the particular item.  Using the liketk.it platform actually makes my instagram photos SHOPPABLE.  No need to wait for me to reply to your question or leave instagram to go check out my blog to get the details (I know we’re all too busy for that).  I also post sneak peeks of the next outfit on Oh So Glam, so you could even shop the post early!  A TON of other fashion bloggers and even celebrities are using the liketk.it platform.  You only need to register ONE time to start receiving product links directly to your email, so if this sounds like an amazing idea to you, follow the instructions below to get all signed up!

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Once you register, you can start liking photos that are tagged with liketk.it. You will then start receiving emails like the one above with direct product links to make it easy for you to shop for the item yourself.  You can also customize how often you receive emails with product links, from immediately to 1x per week.  Again, registering your instagram ONE TIME allows you to shop anyone’s instagram that is a liketk.it publisher.  It’s SO EASY… make sure to sign up and start ‘liking’ to get all the details!  You can also click below to start shopping my recent instagram photos!

Still need more info?  Watch the liketk.it video below!

Happy shopping!

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