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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Look

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview was released on Friday, so I spent the weekend pouring through all the items and rounding up some of my personal best picks.  Just to note — this is JUST a preview and there WILL be other items added and available, but it gives us a good idea of what will be included in this year’s sale and the price points.

If you missed my FULL POST about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale details and some of my best tips for shopping the sale, CHECK IT OUT HERE.  I like to attack the sale VERY strategically and tend to look for items that have been on my wishlist for a long time — maybe a Barefoot Dreams blanket, maybe a faux leather jacket, a good pair of designer jeans that I know I’ll wear a ton the next year, a beauty tool I’ve been waiting to splurge on, etc.  It is NOT the sale to stock up on a bunch of random pieces you don’t have a need for — especially now more than ever.  You will see a lot of bloggers and influencers covering the sale for the next month and it’s extremely easy to develop FOMO (fear of missing out) over certain pieces and feel influenced to buy things you don’t need.  Please remember that for most influencers, this is our job and we have vast audiences who are all in different life and financial situations that we’re trying to make recommendations for.  I already asked my audience about shopping the sale and received a flood of feedback that is ALL OVER THE PLACE, so I will be doing my best to cover the sale for you all and will try to hit all of your needs, while also sharing what I think are the best buys of the sale.  I will also be sharing what I personally buy from the sale as well, as I already have my eye on a few items!

Here’s your first look at the sale by category!

There are plenty of great fashion and style buys during the sale which is usually where my attention goes — however, I think this year is going to be extremely different.  Everyone is a lot more casual this year, there are not as many places to go, not as many events happening, and we’re unsure what the next few months will hold.  There are some great denim buys this year, some great casual shoe options, and staple pieces like cozy jackets, oversized sweaters and cardigans that I think are worth our attention.  I personally love this chunky cardigan sweater and midi dress and can see myself wearing those pieces a lot during fall.  I always allow myself one oversized chunky sweater — I love wearing those with denim, joggers, over a dress, etc. and think this is going to be the one I snag.  I also saw one of my favorite pair of sunglasses included this year at a great price and found a pair of boots that are SO similar to a pair I wore all last year — I wanted to include both of those since I’ve styled them so much here!

This is where the sale truly shines in my opinion.  The beauty buys are ALWAYS on fire during this sale and this year is no exception.  If you’ve been lusting over some T3 hair tools, this is the time to buy — you can save hundreds of dollars on these items and they are already worth every penny!  There are also some great at-home skincare tools including the PMD facial cleanser (I use this a few times a week), the microderm pro device (tutorial coming soon) and the NuFace Facial Toning Device that I’ve shared a few times and did a giveaway with!

I also like to use the sale to grab some workout gear and loungewear on sale — as these rarely go on sale throughout the year and don’t have a shelf life.  I love the Free People Movement, ALO and Zella brands so I always love when I can get them at a discount!  I’ve also been in need of some new workout sneakers, and have been wanting an UGG robe for a while, so those are both on my list.  Plus, with the re-do of our bedroom, I have my eye on a Barefoot Dreams blanket to throw on the new sofa!

Check out the full Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PREVIEW here and make sure to come back for additional info once the sale starts!  I will be working on some additional roundups, try-ons featuring some hot ticket items and will be sharing what’s in my cart!

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