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Oh So Glam: NYFW Survival Kit Oh So Glam: NYFW Survival Kit Oh So Glam: NYFW Survival Kit Oh So Glam: NYFW Survival Kit

As you’re reading this post, I’m already in NYC for my 5th Fashion Week.  Having participated in this circus before four other times, I smartened up and packed up a mini “survival kit” to help me through the week with some help from my friends over at CVS.  Don’t get me wrong, Fashion Week is an absolute blast… but somewhere between the 90 degree fifteen-hour days, back-to-back shows and meetings, running throughout the city in heels (always late, might I add) and lack of sleep… we all start to lose our minds.

I was really excited when CVS asked me to choose my favorite items that I couldn’t possibly live without during NYFW.  Considering I shop there all the time, I already had this list nailed down!  What I love most is the 100% satisfaction guarantee on CVS/pharmacy Brand products.  Oh, and did I mention the coupons?  The 20 foot long coupons tend to come in handy if you’re an ExtraCare member… ExtraBucks can really add up!

Here’s my must-have list for surviving NYFW:

{Spray Moisturizer} – I barely have time to even brush my teeth during NYFW so any seconds I save moisturizing after the shower are seconds I can add to the snooze button.

{Eye Makeup Remover Pads} – I somehow end up getting my makeup done several times during NYFW. There’s plenty of little mini-makeover bars at just about every event I attend so really good makeup remover pads are key.

{High Heel Insoles} – I swear, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn in your life. During NYFW, your feet will kill. You don’t know how many times I’ve brought a pair of shoes to NYC because “they’re so comfortable” only to want to throw them away after I come home with blisters and a lack of dignity.

{Band Aids} – Blisters, emergencies, falling on my face in 4 inch heels after one glass of champagne… it never hurts to be prepared.

{Hand Sanitizer} – Is there really even an explanation needed?  This stuff lives with me at all times.

{Lint Roller} – Basically everything in my closet is usually covered in white cat hair so this thing is clutch.  I bring it along to ensure the hair comes off the clothes once I unpack.  Side note: Mischa is currently sitting in the suitcase ON TOP OF my NYFW outfits as I am writing this post. Done and done.

{Chap Stick} – I end up switching bags a ton during the week so I like to stock up on these babies and bring them along to throw in every bag I bring.  There’s nothing worse than digging through your bag only to remember you didn’t switch your beloved chap stick over to your current purse. Night. Mare.

{Razors} – Because it is still summer and will be insanely hot this week.  I love having these disposable extras for my toiletry bag!

{Ibuprofen} – As much as I try to limit the amount of pain medication I take, this is necessary and a must to carry around with me at all times.  I keep them with me in case a sudden headache strikes and to help with swelling towards the end of the week.

Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram to see what I’m up to this whole week!

I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy on this “New York Fashion Week Survival Kit”. All opinions expressed are my own and all product claims and program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers.

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