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Adidas Sneakers
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So, I know what you’re thinking.  Aren’t those the same white sneakers I used to have back in the 90’s?  And yes, yes my friends, you’re right, they definitely are.

White Sneaker Outfit Idea All Grey Outfit Grey Beanie White Sneakers White Adidas NEO Sneakers Long Grey Duster Wool Coat Grey Beanie Outfit Adidas NEO Advantage Adidas NEO Advantage White Adidas Sneakers Outfit

I’m all about any trend that is all about comfort, and there’s nothing better than sneakers.  I had about three pairs of these shoes back in middle school and wore them daily… and freaking loved them.  I had an all-white pair, then got super sporty with the classic black stripes (not really my scene), and then thought I was even cooler when I got a metallic purple striped pair.  Bad. Ass.  These Adidas NEO Advantage are a little less bulky than the traditional Superstar version and a little less wide, just make sure to go down an entire size (they all run really large).  They’re also on sale for under $50!  I’m telling you now, you’re about to see these everywhere, if you haven’t already.  I love when awesome trends come back in style!  I decided to keep the rest of the look monochromatic with shades of grey, including this long wool hooded coat that I wore in a post last year (I also linked to a very similar style here), grey skinny jeans, cashmere sweater and my go-to beanie.

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