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Everyday Glam: Winter Haircare

I’m back with another round of Everyday Glam!  This week, we’re chatting my favorite winter haircare tools and products that help my strands during the cold months!  You can shop for these products by clicking on the pink + sign in the photo above or any of the links embedded within this post!

I’m pretty set on my tools and brushes and have been using the same ones for quite some time.  This Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer is my absolute favorite.  I love that it dries my hair in a matter of minutes (seriously, maybe 5) without drying the hell out of it.  It also helps eliminate frizz, so even if I mostly air dry my hair and blow out a few sections, my hair looks smooth and soft!  I’ve also been a fan of this Jose Eber hair wand for years (I did a video waaaaay back in the day) and literally have not strayed away.  Natural, beachy waves are my signature look and this hair wand is my secret.  If I’m blowing out my hair, I’ve loved this big round brush which has somehow managed to stay in tact after many blowouts and use this detangler brush when just getting out of the shower.  It helps prevent breakage for everyday use and is amazing to throw in my beach bag after swimming!

I usually switch up my products based on the season.  I’ve been hooked on this Alterna Caviar Repair line for about a year and tend to alternate the formula based on my hair needs.  For winter, I mostly focus on hydrating (and to protect from the cold) and this shampoo and conditioner is my life saver.  It doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing either and makes my hair so, so soft.  For really tough days, I throw on this hair mask (usually about 2x a month) and then let my hair air dry (if possible) to give it a break from the heat.  I tend to wash my hair only 2-3x a week, so dry shampoo is my best friend.  I try not to use it too much since it tends to dry out my hair, but it’s amazing what it can do if you need to push out a day of washing.  I alternate between two of my favorites after trying a TON of different brands.  Again, Alterna Caviar is my BFF.  I never thought I would love a powder version of dry shampoo, but this stuff really does the trick on my roots.  A little sprinkle and all the oil is gone… I just brush through my hair and it literally feels like its washed.  When I just need a touch up, I reach for Drybar’s spray shampoo (they even make a brunette version for when my hair is a tad darker).  This stuff smells like heaven and it makes me crave a blowout at Drybar… come on, you guys know that smell.  I try to avoid a ton of products in my hair just because the more I use, the more I feel the need to wash.  I usually spritz a very light amount of this breakage spray on my hair just before I blow dry and on the ends if they feel dry afterwards.  When I’m doing a fishtail braid or messy pony tail, I love to use this texture tease spray… it gives my hair that messy look and makes it really easy to style!

Make sure to check out my Everyday Glam Makeup Routine from last week here, and stay tuned for skincare next week!


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    Yuri Kristia
    January 14, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    Nice selection!
    I would love to try a hair wand but most of the time I’m too lazy to do my hair, lol ;p

    Please also kindly stop by my blog if you have time 🙂

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