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GLAM GIFT GUIDE: For the Cozy Lover

GLAM Gift Guide: For The Cozy Lover

This is always such a fun roundup for me to create!  Who doesn’t love to be cozy?!  I’m someone who is always bundled up at home and I love soft layers to work from home in — loungewear is actually on my wishlist this season and the only thing I could think of that I actually need (I have some ratty tees that are getting the boot after Christmas)!  I’m including some of my favorite pieces and others on my holiday wishlist!  Christmas Eve is just TEN days away — it’s coming up FAST, but you still have a little time to get your hands on some of these pieces if you’re in need of some gift ideas!

Plush Bathrobe — I try to get a new one of these every few years and this one is just about the coziest thing I’ve ever felt (I’ve stalked it many times in store).  I love the contrast trim on the collar, too!

Barefoot Dreams Beanie — Anytime you say the words “barefoot dreams” to me — I am sold.  I am obsessed with my cardigan sweater from the brand and their accessories are just as soft!

Fingerless Gloves — I have this exact pair from last year and use them all the time!  They make the perfect stocking stuffer or under $15 gift for a grab bag!

Jogger Pants — I actually put a few of these on my list to wear around the house when I’m working or hanging without feeling like I’m in pajamas!  There’s nothing worse than a random person stopping by mid-day to you looking ratchet — so these make me feel a little put together!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan — Ohhh, just one of my favorite things I own.  I wear this cardigan all the time around the house — it almost feels like a robe, it’s THAT thick and cozy!  The material makes all the difference and I’ve had it for months without a single pull!

Pom Beanie — I stocked up on a few of these early in the season, but they are perfect for just about any time you’re outside and you can never, ever receive too many — mine tend to vanish quite frequently, so it’s great to have a backup!  Another cozy option for under $15!

Pom Throw — Another item you can never give me too many of!  I adore this throw and have something similar in grey that I leave on my bed!  I like to have a throw basically on any surface I might need to cozy up to — my bed, the couches, my office chair!  And I always bring one to the kitchen table when we eat because I am always THAT cold!

Teddy Bear Jacket — This is a HUGE trend this season and I love these coats!  I have a very similar style in cream from a few seasons back and it always receives so many compliments because not only is it gorgeous, it’s super warm and actually practical!

Faux Fur Vest — This is actually on my wishlist and I have a feeling it’ll be one of my favorite items to wear all winter if I happen to receive it!

UGG Slippers — These were originally on my Christmas list but I got antsy and didn’t want to wait, so I purchased them for myself earlier in the fall!  I’ve been in them every single day since and Mischa (our cat) has a blast chasing the little pom pom around!

Terry Duster — I love this jacket because it’s perfect to wear both around the house and outside of the house!

If you missed any of my other GLAM GIFT GUIDES this year, make sure to check out my ideas FOR HER and FOR THE BEAUTY LOVER!  + if you still haven’t read my GLAM HOLIDAY MAGAZINE, make sure to check it out!  I have ideas for New Year’s Eve dresses and some holiday entertaining tips, too!


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