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Mornings with Mischa

I’m so happy to be re-introducing this little girl to the blog world again this year!  If you missed last summer’s post with Fancy Feast, you need to go check it out!  Mischa and I are back this time around to show you our everyday morning routine!

Mischa The Himalayan Cat Mischa The Himalayan Cat Mischa The Himalayan Cat Mischa The Himalayan Cat Mischa The Himalayan Cat Fancy Feast Broths Mischa The Himalayan Cat Mischa The Himalayan Cat DSC_1526 DSC_1487 Mischa The Himalayan Cat Mischa The Himalayan Cat{Sleep Mask || Sweater || Bralette || Shorts || Socks || iPhone Case}

Raj and I usually wake up with Mischa in between us and unless I’m rushing out the door, I love to try to take a few minutes to snuggle the little fur ball and wake up.  I’m constantly running a million miles an hour managing my blog, my job and now the summer wedding planning!  Taking a few minutes in the morning to just hug her makes me slow down and relax.  I’ve gotten to become quite the pro at streamlining my morning routine to get ready for the day.  I mainly work from home but still like to get somewhat dressed and ready in the morning.  It helps me feel confident and comfortable throughout the day and honestly more productive.  I usually let my hair dry from the night before and will quickly run my curling wand through a few random pieces of hair for some natural beachy waves.  For makeup, I usually use my favorite primer and complexion cream to even out my skin.  Other than that, I try to keep my beauty routine simple and use as little makeup as possible for days I don’t have to head out.  Plus, keeping a simple beauty routine lets me spend more time WOWing Mischa!

After I’m done freshening up, she’s usually right at my feet waiting to head downstairs and watches patiently as I start the coffee.  Then it’s on to her favorite part of the morning… breakfast!  I started feeding her Fancy Feast Broths last summer after it launched and she’s pretty much been hooked ever since.  Mischa and I were so excited when Fancy Feast reached out again to have her try the new Broths line of chicken recipes.  And trust me, I knew she was excited because she even helped me open the box!  Raj and I like to think that we know that chicken is her favorite flavor of food.  If we feed her something not quite up to her standards, we both will immediately receive the “what the” face she has so convenientyly perfected.  The Broths come in perfectly portioned ready-to-pour pouches, so I can get to checking my email and sipping my hot coffee even faster than usual, and she can get to eating!  And while I’m working, instagramming, and blogging for the rest of the day… Mischa stays right by my side usually begging for ear rubs and dozing off in my lap (with the exception of running across the keyboard, birdwatching and sunbathing).  Tough life!

If you’re a cat lover (like me) and want to try a free pouch of Broths or the new line of chicken recipes, make sure to visit www.wowserveddaily.com!  I would also love for you to share how you WOW and spoil your little fur baby at home!  Leave me a comment and let us know! #WaystoWOW

A huge thanks to Fancy Feast for sponsoring today’s post!

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    March 27, 2015 at 11:00 am

    Hahah I love my cat! Yours is adorable, I just want to squeeze her!


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