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Summer Ready Legs with Silk’n

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It’s that summa, summa time and today I’m partnering with Silk’n to show you how you can achieve summer ready legs in no time!  You gals have probably heard that laser hair removal technology has finally made its way into your home and I’ve been using the Silk’n Flash&Go Express this season to remove unwanted hair!  Today, I’m showing you a simply and quick skincare routine for the smoothest legs ever!


Before shaving, make sure to prep your skin for the closest shave ever and exfoliate your legs using sea salt scrub!  I use this one about once a week to remove dead skin – which helps your razor get closer to the hair!  It’s also great to use on your feet, elbows and hands!  Just massage it in, rinse off, and pat dry!

Sea Salt Scrub At Home Laser Hair Removal Silk N Summer Ready Vertical-6


The new Silk’n Flash&Go Express makes it super easy to achieve smooth legs (that last for days), all in the privacy of your own home.  It’s quick to start up and there are 5 different levels of intensity for you to choose from, depending on your skin and hair color.  Since I have relatively fair skin and medium hair, I use settings 3-4 to get the best results.  The device emits a pulse of light once pressed onto the skin – and a full body treatment takes around 20 minutes (for legs, underarms and bikini).

At Home Laser Hair RemovalSilk n' At Home Laser Hair Removal At Home Laser Hair Removal At Home Laser Hair Removal


I love giving my legs a little glow and this 5 Minute Mousse is one of my absolute favorites for a quick, streak-free tan.  The color is instant, making it super easy to apply – and I love using this mitt to ensure my hands and wrists don’t absorb any unwanted color.  I love how natural this mousse looks and is perfect to enhance my tan during the summer months (and even give me a subtle glow in the cooler months).  This color is also perfect for people with olive skin – something I’ve struggled to find in a self-tanner.

Fake Bake 5 Minute Tan Mousse

Summer Ready Legs

Shaving a little less makes all the difference to me and I love that the Silk’n Flash & Go is perfect for travel (since I’ve done a ton of that over the last few months).  And for under $200, it’s so much cheaper than a pricey salon!  You all can join the #NoShaveWave as well by posting pictures of your gorgeous gams this summer!


A huge thanks to Silk’n for sponsoring today’s post.

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